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The University of Adelaide College (Formerly Bradford College)

Campus setting Suburban
Living cost USD 863 per month
Student population Large (More than 10,000)
International students 30%
Institution type Public

About The University of Adelaide College (Formerly Bradford College)

A foundation platform for entering The University of Adelaide, the college is aimed at helping new students settle into the life of higher education, and progress from freshmen graduates to degree and master holders. The college is also highly dedicated to being an institution of not only learning, but also in guidance to becoming a better adult overall, offering small classes for greater attention, and aiding in life outside and beyond studying.

As part of the University, students at The University of Adelaide College have full access to all the facilities of the university to encourage familiarity and ensure full provision of resources. A wide spread of clubs, societies and the student union are also available to provide comfortable and fun experience to make the most out of your student life.

The University itself is considered to be the best of Australia's higher education institutes, being a member of the Group of 8; Australia's institutes leading depth and scope of research. With strong roots in output and training, it is no surprise to the university having 5 alumni who became Nobel Laureates and over 100 Rhodes Scholars, among which was named the first indigenous winner of Australia.

Campus information

The University of Adelaide College is located within the main university's precinct; in the Central Business District of Adelaide. It is a modern, spacious facility with classrooms, relaxation and study spots, four computer suites, resource centres, student kitchen, and a lounge containing a piano, table tennis and foosball tables, staff offices and WiFi.

The university and college's amenities include:

  • The Barr Smith library – the main library holding over 2 million resources in many forms.
  • Hub Central – The main area of the university, offering an open place for students to meet others, study and exchange ideas with comfortable and up-to-date facilities.
  • The Image & Copy Centre - providing quality and easy document production services, specifically geared to the requirements of University and other necessities.
  • Various social clubs and societies, sports and entertainment facilities.
  • The Fitness Hub - for encouraging students to keep fit through personal schedules and dedication.


Students will have the option of accomodation throughout Adelaide and on-campus to suit their needs. Students under 18 are required to cooperate with the College Accommodation Manager and Student Services Coordinator before arriving in Australia; and are required to stay only in homestays, urbanests, or with a relative who has to be certified as a homestay provider.

  • Homestay
    • Ideal for developing familiarity and fluency with the English language and Australian culture in a family setting. The College is only a faciliatator, and can not be responsible for the student accepting residency. Minimun stay is 4 weeks unless circumstances prevail.
  • Urbanest
    • This community environment with study spaces is furnished with basic provisions like electricity, water, 100GB internet monthly, and content insurance. Bathroom and air-conditioning are also included.
  • University accommodation
    • Also known as the University Village, these furnished dorms are designed to serve student needs for living on campus.
  • Student residences
    • These off-campus residences are available all around Adelaide (the University recommends Bradford Lodge and Highgate Lodge) to provide more independency in lodgings.
  • Independent rental and share house accommodation
    • Students above the age of 18 are allowed to seek out own residencies, and are not held liable under the University.


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