Times Higher Education releases Asia University Rankings 2018, reveals top university in Asia

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 07 Feb 2018
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It’s no surprise that Singapore’s National University of Singapore has yet again topped the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2018, making this its third consecutive year in the Asian region rankings. This flagship institution has shown no signs of slowing down in updating and improving their educational and research environments, boosting their impact on being cited and securing stable industry income.

On the other hand, China’s two top-ranking universities, Peking University and Tsinghua University have swapped positions. Tsinghua has finally beat Peking after 6 years, credited to a bolder publication output as well as speeding up research income. Overall, all 63 Chinese institutions show improvement, right down to its lower-ranked universities.

Japan still maintains its large presence, having 89 representatives listed in the rankings.

Meanwhile Hong Kong universities also presented a notable attendance, having three institutions in the Top 10, and six in the Top 60; a significant position no other territory holds.


As for Malaysia, its most prestigious of institutions, University of Malaya has managed to break into the crowd for Top 50 at a steady 46 position - a first for the long-established institute.

Indonesia has also upped its representation, with four institutions now making the list from its previous only two.

In downside mentions, a good portion of Thailand’s top 10 have faced a fall in rankings due to an ageing population facing an oversupply in higher education. Taiwan also shares this reasoning in their own drop.

The likes of India, Pakistan, South Korea and Turkey also faced a push to the lower ranks despite bringing up their numbers of represented institutions.

With so many universities from all across Asia’s 25 countries and regions striving to bring quality higher education, the representatives have jumped up by about 50, in comparison to the 300 in 2017’s rankings.

Check out the Top 10 universities of Asia below, according to Times Higher Education:


For the full list of Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2018, please refer here.


Posted on 07 Feb 2018
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