SUSTech at 10: ten reasons to join China's best-ranked young university

By Tahiya Islam | Last modified 23 Feb 2021
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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is touted as one of the best ranked and world-class research universities in mainland China, despite only celebrating its 10th anniversary in December 2020! SUSTech has been regarded as a globally recognized university that aims to reform Chinese higher education and cultivate innovative talents for the challenges of the 21st century. They are open to international students worldwide and the offered programs are focused on a core STEM curriculum along with elective modules in social sciences, humanities, and business.

If you are thinking of studying abroad, SUSTech could be the one for you. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider going to the reformative innovation centre of Shenzhen:

1. Global Recognition and Growth

As an international student, if you want to study in a university that is currently ranked 250-300 in worldwide rankings and is rising all the time, then you should consider applying to SUSTech. Times Higher Education has acknowledged SUSTech as the one of the top 10 universities in mainland China in its Asia Universities and World University rankings. SUSTech is also ranked 37th in the world among young universities by QS, and the best young university in mainland China. Quality research and academic environment surely contributed to this.

2. Scholarships Opportunities

SUSTech also provides fully-funded scholarships for ALL accepted undergraduates. How amazing is that? Thinking of pursuing higher education, Master’s or PhD? Great! You have the opportunity to apply for a fully funded Graduate Scholarship as well. This scholarship is designed solely to aid international students pursuing higher studies. Undergraduate students will be covered in terms of tuition fees, insurance, health checkup, residence permit, living expenses, and accommodation (a total of 36,000 USD). With well-equipped research facilities and proficiently qualified professors, no doubt that SUSTech is the study destination.

3. English Speaking University

 As an international student, it could be overwhelming moving abroad and adapting to new culture and languages. However, you won’t feel that way at SUSTech. English is used as the medium of instruction across all major required courses. No need for additional language classes, although all international students study Mandarin and Chinese culture to help them adapt!

4. Academic Experience

If you apply to any undergraduate program, your entire degree will be divided into 2+2 academic model. This model consists of taking foundational courses and general education the first and second academic years to strengthen students grounding and general knowledge. Then in the third academic year at SUSTech, students will choose a major according to their strengths and academic requirements. Besides course work, students will be able to utilize and explore current research in a variety of disciplines and fields, and participate in frontier research projects with hands-on research beginning in year one.

5. China’s most Internationally-Collaborative Faculty

What distinguishes SUSTech from other Chinese universities is of their quality faculty and its ability to embrace internationalism. Academic research conducted at SUSTech is the most internationally collaborative in mainland China with faculty members drawn from the world’s top universities.

6. State-of the-art Campus and Labs

SUSTech is an environmentally-conscious campus constructed over the previous ten years with six residential colleges to choose from that either have a lake or a mountain view, and over 100 student-run clubs that cover sports, academics, dance, entrepreneurship, arts to self-defense. Not to mention 69 scientific research platforms, including one national-level research platform, 21 provincial and ministerial level, 47 municipal level, and two district-level. Without a doubt, SUSTech’s academic system occupies a lot of gathering, cultivating outstanding scientific and technological talents whilst conducting high-level academic exchanges. Be a part of the high-level research results!

SUSTech Library

7. International Collaborations, Partnerships, and Exchange Programs

Internationalization is also at the core of what SUSTech does. With great pride, it is currently offering 22 graduate programs and aggressive growth preparation to provide students with the skills they need to thrive worldwide as global thought leaders and creators.

SUSTech offers good opportunities for academic exchange at prestigious partner institutions across the globe and helps students realize their dreams as the next generation of scholars, innovators, and entrepreneurs, with strong regional and global links. SUSTech believes in training students for the future as accessible, creative, talented, and critical thinkers.

8. Reform and Innovation; Mission of SUSTech

SUSTech, believes in reforming Chinese tertiary education and becoming a leading international research university. Being a student there, you will be an active part of the reform and innovation. This innovative impact is in SUSTech’s DNA and enables a pace of change and development beyond a normal institution.

9. Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area

Despite being located in the innovation-led tech center of Shenzhen, SUSTech’s campus itself is set amongst the lush green hills of Nanshan district and offers peace and quiet for the budding scholar. Moving around the city is easy with either a bus or bike while enjoying nature in the many parks of one of China’s greenest, most environmentally friendly city. Indeed, Shenzhen is the first city in the world to operate with a 100% electric bus and taxi fleet and with a lot of high-tech companies and an innovative atmosphere throughout Shenzhen, the so-called Silicon Valley of China, SUSTech thrives to be a small, yet high-quality university serving this tech ecosystem.

10.  Future Rising Star of Chinese Higher Education

Do you want to excel in your studies and become a rising star academically and professionally? Well, SUSTech can bring it to you! In 2016, SUSTech was ranked by Nature Index Rising Stars as the No. 3 fastest growing institution in the world and it has set its sights on becoming a global leader in research and innovation.

Do you think you want to become a part of SUSTech and see yourself become an innovative and professional leader? Apply #tobeaSUSTecher and have the best student experience of your life! 

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Posted on 22 Feb 2021
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