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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

Guangdong, China
Campus setting Suburban
Living cost USD 600 per month
Student population Medium (1,001 to 10,000)
International students 1%
Institution type Public

About Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a research-oriented public university established in 2010 in Shenzhen, China’s innovation center. It is widely regarded as a pioneer in moving China’s higher education reform forward to match the country’s every-growing role in the international arena. It has 8th ranking in the mainland of China. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, SUSTech holds its place from 251-300 ranking worldwide. 

The SUSTech campus sits on a scenic stretch of land with creeks winding through the lychee tree-lined hills which dot the landscape. The tranquil natural environment is complimented by the modern architecture of the university buildings.

SUSTech has a mission to serve the needs of innovation-oriented national development and the needs of building Shenzhen into a modern, international and innovative city. Leading higher education reform in China and serving as a testing ground for building excellent research universities through innovation. SUSTech serves as a model for reforming the education system and modernizing the national university system.

Campus information

With the energy and vitality of Shenzhen coursing through the veins of all our students, the SUSTech campus never stops. With a beautiful, environmentally-conscious campus, SUSTech students are active in student clubs, start new enterprises and run charitable organizations.

Our faculty have studied across the globe and have made great strides in bringing the world forward in a variety of areas. They’ve developed incredible innovations, and their innovative research continues to result in developments all over the world.

Situated in Northern Shenzhen, with the stunning backdrop of the Tanglang Hills, the campus covers nearly two square kilometres. with the verdant green lawns reflecting the environmentally friendly policies of the university. The natural and tranquil environment combines perfectly with the modern style of Shenzhen and its convenient location. With students transiting the campus on foot, by bike or utilizing our convenient electric shuttle buses, our commitment to environmental sustainability is strong. By placing ourselves among glorious greenery, we can partake in and protect the gorgeous flora and fauna that naturally occur in Guangdong Province.

For dining options, there are five student cafeterias across campus serving various regional Chinese cuisines, a Cantonese restaurant, a Western restaurant, a Subway, a Starbucks, an Illy Cafe, and just off campus several malls offering a wide range of choices for SUSTechers to choose from.

Sports facilities include an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool (open from April to November), basketball courts, five-a-side football pitches, badminton courts, ping pong tables, brand new gym (2019), and stadium for running track and full-size football pitch. If you lead an active lifestyle, there’s always an option available on campus to tire yourself out.


SUSTech operates on the principle of equality between international and domestic students. Regarding accommodation, this means that our international students live alongside our Chinese students in the brand new dormitories (as of 2019) on our evergreen campus. The dormitories for undergraduate students consist of 4 person rooms, each with 4 bunkbeds, and desk and closet space underneath. Bathroom facilities are separate on each floor, with 8 showers and 8 toilets shared in the same floor. Whilst the dorm buildings are co-ed, there are single-sex floors with restricted access. This arrangement will change in the coming years as more new students transition to the new dormitories, although female floors will always be the top floors within each building, providing stunning views across the campus. For safety reasons, no cooking facilities or kitchens are provided within the dormitories. Students can purchase cold foods for storage in personal refrigerators or make use of the campus.

Additional info

Mission and vision

  • To serve the needs of innovation-oriented national development.
  • To serve the needs of building Shenzhen into a modern, international and innovative city.
  • To lead higher education reform in China and serve as a testing ground for building excellent research universities through innovation.
  • To serve as a model for reforming the education system and modernizing the national university system.

Educational methods

Undergraduate education at SUSTech follows the US liberal arts model. All students study a range of STEAM courses including linear algebra, calculus, physics, chemistry, life sciences, computer science, arts and humanities, social sciences, English, physical eduction and (for international students) Chinese language and Chinese history and culture.

Students may then declare their major before the end of their second year and progress onto major-specific courses. 

Lab work and practical work are emphasised, and students are in the laboratory from their first semester of undergraduate studies. Their academic supervisor is also there to involve them directly in research projects and provide guidance as students navigate the beginnings of their careers. 

All international students who are admitted by SUSTech are eligible for fully-funded scholarships. No eligibility criteria aside from our admissions criteria:

Offer holders who pass online test and interview will be offered a full scholarship, which is equivalent to US$9000-10000 per year, covers tuition fees, dormitories, insurance, and living expenses during the four years of college study on the condition that good academic standing is maintained. From the second year after international students are admitted to the university, those who have passed the scholarship renewal qualification assessment each semester will obtain the scholarship for the following semester.

Exchange programmes

At SUSTech we believe international experiences are an essential component of cultivating talent with a global perspective. We strongly encourage all our undergraduate students to pursue study abroad programmes at one of our partner institutions and provide funding to this end. Our partners include the University of Oxford, the University of Queensland, the University of Edinburgh, Columbia University, King’s College London and many more. Find out more here:


Courses available 11

Applied, Pure Sciences 7 Computer Science, IT 1 Engineering 5


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