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UOW Malaysia KDU University College Logo

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

34 Undergraduate programs
2 Postgraduate programs

UOW Malaysia: Nurturing Excellence in Higher Education

UOW Malaysia, formerly recognized as KDU College and University Colleges, has been steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-notch tertiary education not only in Malaysia but also in neighboring regions.

In September 2019, a pivotal moment occurred as UOW Global Enterprises, a subsidiary of the esteemed University of Wollongong Australia, took over the reins of the KDU institutions. This acquisition marked the initiation of UOW Malaysia's integration into the esteemed global network of the University of Wollongong, spanning across Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and now, Malaysia.

Following this transformation, UOW Malaysia underwent a significant rebranding in November 2019, shedding its former identity to align closely with the University of Wollongong. 

With a vision to elevate its campuses in Glenmarie, George Town Penang, and Batu Kawan Penang into full-fledged universities over the next five to seven years, UOW is poised to emerge as a trailblazer in higher education in Malaysia.

A vision for growth

In November 2019, following the acquisition, the institution underwent a name change to reflect their connection with the University of Wollongong, becoming UOW Malaysia. 

With aspirations to elevate campuses in Glenmarie, George Town Penang, and Batu Kawan Penang into universities within the next five to seven years, UOW is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of higher education in Malaysia.

UOW Malaysia brings together internationally recognized teaching programs and a student-centered approach with over four decades of experience in Malaysia. The university prides itself on its modern campuses and industry-focused programs, aiming to produce graduates ready to thrive in their respective fields and contribute to regional growth.

Strategic academic partnerships

Central to UOW Malaysia's mission is its strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions

These collaborations, such as the Unreal Academic Partner Program, IMI International Management Institute, and ALMA La Scuola Internazionale Di Cucina Italiana, ensure that students receive top-quality education and access to resources that nurture their personal and professional growth.

The Unreal Academic Partner Program stands as a testament to institutions committed to delivering high-quality education and preparing students for the global job market. 

Meanwhile, the IMI International Management Institute in Switzerland offers a unique blend of academic theory and practical training in hospitality, while ALMA La Scuola Internazionale Di Cucina Italiana in Italy is renowned for its excellence in culinary education.

Diverse range of programs

At UOW Malaysia, students have access to a diverse range of programs, including Foundation, Diploma, and degree courses in Computing & Creative Media, Business, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts. 

The university also offers the ACCA program, which has received Platinum status, a prestigious recognition in Malaysia. Additionally, the Business program at UOW Malaysia offers ACCA and CIMA exemptions, providing students with opportunities to excel in finance and accounting careers.

In conclusion, UOW Malaysia is committed to providing accessible and high-quality education that prepares students for success in their chosen fields. 

With its focus on industry relevance, strong partnerships, and dedication to student-centered learning, UOW Malaysia is poised to make a significant impact on the Malaysian education landscape and beyond.

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