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National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM)

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Ranked 4 SETARA 2013
Campus setting Urban
Living cost US$ 288 per month
Student population Medium
International students 5%
Institution type Public

About National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM)


  • To be the premier defence university in the region for education, training and knowledge creation.


  • The premier national institution dedicated to producing intellectual leaders of character committed towards selfless service to the nation in furtherance of national strategic interests.


  • UPNM is committed to excellence in serving the nation as a premier defence university for leadership and professional development, knowledge dissemination and application of defence science and technology, as well as policy research.
  • Quality integrated military education and training in producing graduates who exhibit excellence in the intellectual, leadership and professional domains without sacrificing the winning mentality.
  • Instilling greater professionalism among the academics by stimulating the pursuit of scholarly excellence through a greater flourish of academic and policy research activities resulting in quality publications in refreed journals.
  • Being an acknowledged center for policy research and post graduate studies in defence and security.
  • Striving for R & D success through research collaboration with defence industries and other research organizations in creating new knowledge to enable the university to be the knowledge hub and consultancy for defence technology applications.
  • Striving for enhanced internationalization and collaborative networking with reputable international universities and research centers.
  • Transforming the organization to ensure greater cross functional coordination, good service delivery and customer focus so as to support UPNM’s effort to be a knowledge hub.

Campus information

National Defense University of Malaysia will operate from its campus located at Camp Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur. The campus was completed in 2002, has a learning facilities, accommodation blocks and sports fields and recreational areas needs an institution of higher learning.

Among some of the facilities on campus are:

  • Lecture halls
  • Labs
  • Student accommodation
  • Chancellery

Athletic facilities
The university demands all of its students participate actively in sports. Some of the facilities are:

  • Swimming Pool Complex consists of Olympic-sized 50-meter pool, pool stand, volleyball court and physical fitness test set circuit. Cadets swim there and the inter-battalion swimming competition is held here.
  • Main field accommodates sports such as football, rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, taekwondo and military unarmed combat training (TTS).
  • Tennis courts for tennis practice and events. It has four courts.
  • Futsal/handball courts provides ground for futsal and handball practice and events.
  • Squash court
  • Gym
  • Football stand completed in 2009. also known as the Pavilion.[3]
  • Boat house accommodates canoes, kayaking and boats. The lake is the site for cadet military training such as lake crossing. The boat house was completed in 2009.

UPNM's main campus is at the Sungai Besi Camp in Kuala Lumpur. 


1st Apartment Complex

  • Satria Block was named after the Malay traditional word for "knights" and built in 2002. As of 2009, it is home to cadets from the First Battalion (Tuah Battalion). it was home to the intakes of 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007. It also houses the Military Training Academy (ALK) HQ and office of the commandant. The 11-storey block is the home of Lekiu Battalion, which is the battalion of the basic year cadets.
  • Perwira Block is the home for three battalions, which are Jebat Battalion, Kasturi Battalion and Lekir Battalion. All three of these battalions share the block facilities. Kasturi cadets live in second to fourth floor. Lekir cadets live in fifth to seventh floor, while Jebat cadets occupy eighth to eleventh floor. It was built in 2002 and is named after the Malay traditional word for "heroes". It was once home to the intakes of 2003, 2004 and 2006. It houses the university's cafeteria and some business premises such as stationery store, tailor and sports store.
  • Srikandi Block is home to female cadets. It was built in 2002 and is named after the traditional Malay word for "female hero".

Echo Valley

  • Once a barrack-style residential block, it was rebuilt into a three four-storey buildings in 2009 to cater for the increasing numbers of officer cadets but currently accommodates civilian students. The blocks are A, B and C blocks, situated in a valley as the name suggests.
  • A Block was formerly home to cadets from the Lekir Battalion which held the title as Prime Battalion. The Echo Valley itself is nicknamed the Prime valley as it was home to the first ever Prime Battalion: Lekir Battalion. Lekir Battalion is named after Malacca Sultanate Era warrior "Hang Lekir". The block was rebuilt and completed in 2009.
  • B Block was rebuilt in 2009.
  • C block was also rebuilt in 2009, it was home to cadets of the First Battalion (Tuah Battalion). Tuah Battalion is named after Malacca Sultanate Era warrior Hang Tuah.

3rd Accommodation Complex

  • Seribu Block was completed in 2011 to accommodate around 1000 students. A large dining hall that serves as cafeteria resides next to the accommodation block.
  • New Srikandi Block/500 block is new accommodation built for female students, cadets and civilians alike. Designated for the capacity of 500 students. Formerly the academy old Quartermaster site before being replaced. Completed in 2011.

ResidentialColleges for Civilian Students

  • Kolej Lumayan is located outside the main campus near Taman Tasik Permaisuri. It was the residential college for ROTU (Reserve Officer Training Unit) or PALAPES undergraduates.
  • Kolej C4 was a residential college for the civilian students. The accommodation was designated for foundation and first year undergraduate students.


Courses available 32

Applied and Pure Sciences 15 Business and Management 1 Computer Science and IT 3 Education and Teaching 3 Engineering 12 Humanities & Social Sciences 2 Sports Science 1


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