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About this course

This programme is offered at both Melaka and Cyberjaya Campuses under the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FIST)

A candidate must conduct research under the supervision of the academic staff and submit a thesis for the fulfillment of the graduation requirements. In addition, he/she must register for and pass subject(s) as required by the respective Faculty. 

There will be an examination fees for this programme as the following:

  • Malaysian RM 750
  • International RM 900

Entry Requirements

A candidate admitted into MSc(IT) shall normally possess any of the following qualifications and illustrate that she/he is qualified to undertake postgraduate work:

  • A Bachelor's Degree from MMU; or
  • A Bachelor's Degree with Honours of another university recognized by the Senate; or
  • Equivalent qualification of an institution approved by the Senate of comparable academic status.

English Requirements:

In addition to the academic requirements, an applicant is also required to possess one of the following:

  • A minimum overall TOEFL Score of 580 (papaer based)or 237 (computer based)or 92 (internet based); or
  • A minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.5; or
  • A credit in 1119 English Examination; or
  • A minimum score of 580 in Multimedia University's English Language Proficiency Test; or
  • A minimum MUET overall band score of 4; or
  • Other qualification which is of equivalent level as decided by the Senate of the University.

All applicants MUST MEET the required English Language requirement before being admitted to the programme of study.

Upon recommendation of the Faculty, Senate may waive the English requirement for students who have obtained their Bachelor or Master's degrees, where English has been used as the sole medium of instruction or as one of the media of instruction. The Faculty shall interview the candidates and recommend to the Senate for waiver, where appropriate.

If the student lacks i.e. research skills or a good command of English upon admission to the programme then each faculty reserves the right to have the student acquire such competency.