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About this course

This programme is offered at  both Melaka and Cyberjaya Campuses under Faculty of Management, Faculty of Business and Law or the Graduate School of Management. 

Management is an art and science practised through skills requires in every profession. These skilld depend on information - the strongest weapon in the world, which is behind shrunk by technology, yet many cross-cultural defferances remain. The faculty of management strives to meet these challanges in the rapidly changing business enviroinment with an emphasis on the electronic information management.

In its pursuit of knowledge in the various fields of management, the faculty aims to provide and maintain an enviroinment conductive to learning and research, with due regard to the changing needs of the present time and the millenium ahead of us.

There is also an examination fees for this programme as the floowing:

  • RM 750 - Malaysian
  • RM 900 - International

Entry Requirements


Bachelor’s Degree with 2nd Class Honours or CGPA of 2.67 and above, in a related field from MMU or equivalent from another recognized University; or 

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with Honours or CGPA between 2.00 and 2.67, in a related field from MMU or equivalent from another recognized University and show evidence of at least one (1) year of relevant working or research experience; or 
  • Any other academic qualifications equivalent to (a) or (b), as approved by the Senate. 

An applicant with non-honours degree may be considered if he/she has attained a GRE/GMAT score (General Test and at least one of the Subject Test) that is acceptable to the respective faculty.