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Bachelor of Science in Chinese Medicine

Course overview

Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Study mode Full-time
Duration 5 years
Intakes February, September
Tuition (Local students) $ 30,940
Tuition (Foreign students) $ 31,508


Chinese Medicine approaches health from a holistic manner in terms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. 

Today, there is a revival in the acceptance of Chinese Medicine even in western nations. Indeed, certain Chinese Medicine practices like acupuncture and herbal remedies are integrated with western medicine for pain management and to reduce the side effects of prescription drugs.

IMU’s Chinese Medicine programme comprises both western and Chinese Medicine subjects. It is an outcome-based approach, whereby students develop clinical skills during their junior years, with early clinical attachment to prepare them for a successful career. As the programme is fully conducted in English, our students get to pursue career opportunities not only in Malaysia but on a broader, global scale.





$ 30,940
Local students
$ 31,508
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


Data not available
Local students
Data not available
Foreign students

Student Visa

Data not available
Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Entry Requirements:

  • Applicants should have an academic record of higher examinations, diploma, foundation or equivalent, in related subjects and in fulfillment of IMU's benchmark

Language Requirements:

  • MUET band score of 3 (for Malaysian students only)
  • IELTS overall band score of 5.5
  • Those who opt for overseas option must achieve an IELTS overall band score of 7.0
  • Those who opt for transfer to a Chinese university must achieve HSK 4 prior to transfer


MPU Short Semester
MPU - U1: Penghayatan
Etika dan Peradaban, or Malay
Language Communication 2
MPU - U1: Philosophy &
Current Issues
MPU3 Integrity &
Semester 1

Chinese Medicine Theory
Scientific Thinking &
Introduction to Traditional &
Complementary Medicine
Limb & Trunk Anatomy
Selective: Medical
Classical Chinese
Selective: Traditional Chinese
Medicine Culture & Basic
MPU 2 Academic Communication
/ Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Semester 2

Human Physiology &
Biochemistry 1
Head and Viscera Anatomy
Cell Biology & Genetics
Chinese Medicine Diagnosis
Chinese Medicine History &
School of Thought
Semester 3

Human Physiology &
Biochemistry 2
Chinese Materia Medica &
Herbal Formulae 1
Acupuncture & Tuina 1
Selected Readings of
Internal Classic
Semester 4

Chinese Materia Medica
& Herbal Formulae 2
Psychology for Healthcare
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Medical Microbiology
Chinese Medicine Practicum 1
Semester 5
Chinese Internal Medicine 1/
Acupuncture & Tuina 2
CSD: Diagnosis
Basic Radiology
MPU4 Social Responsibility
Semester 6 
CM Electives
Chinese Internal Medicine 2
Shang Han Lun
Differential Diagnosis in
Western Medicine
Chinese Medicine Practicum 2
Semester 7 
CM Gynaecology
CM Paediatrics
Golden Chamber
& Entrepreneurship
Research Methodology &
Semester 8

CM Electives
Research Project 1
Chinese Dermatology &
External Medicine
Wen Bing
Medical Law, Regulations
& Ethics|
First Aid & Emergency
Chinese Medicine Practicum 3
Semester 9

Supervised Clinical Practice 1
Research Project 2
Semester 10
Supervised Clinical Practice 
Clinical Practice
40 weeks long clinical practices under close supervision of experienced
Chinese Medicine practitioners. These supervised clinical practice sessions are conducted at IMU Chinese Medicine Centre, Tung Shin Hospital and other appointed clinical sites.

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