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International College of Music (ICOM)

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Campus setting Urban
Living cost USD 419 per month
Student population Small (1,000 or less)
International students 30%
Institution type Private

About International College of Music (ICOM)

International College of Music (ICOM) was founded on a mission to discover and develop musicians for a career in music. Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1996, ICOM offers industry focused programs from Diploma to Undergraduate degrees. One of the core strengths of ICOM is curriculum development and this is one of the key attractant that continues to bring students from all across Asia to study at ICOM. With a diverse student population from 20 countries and award-winning alumni, ICOM is Asia’s Leading College of Contemporary Music.

Campus information

ICOM is located in the city of Kuala Lumpur; our campus provides world class performing and recording facilities that suits musicians’ needs along with classrooms and practice rooms.

  • Recital Hall

The recital hall on the ground floor is the nerve center for student recitals, the weekly Friday Performance, Seminar series, workshops, master classes and clinics conducted by invited music industry panels and visiting artists.

  • Recording Studio

The recording studio is acoustically treated and sits on raised floors is equipped with sound modules, effects, synthesizers, high-end microphones, 2-track mastering equipment, drum set, guitar and bass amplifiers and CD-mastering facilities.

  • Surround production suite

In line with innovation towards digital audio, the Surround Production Suite (SPS) is equipped with a digital mixer with dynamic automation, built-in processing, speakers and a subwoofer positioned at various location of the room.

  • Ensemble rooms

The ensemble rooms are of different sizes to cater to any band size, from trios to large ensembles’ classes and rehearsals that perform in any music styles and are equipped with electric pianos, keyboards, bass and guitar amplifiers, a drum set, a self-powered mixer, speakers, and microphones.

  • Private Practise Rooms

The 38 acoustically treated practice rooms are constructed for individual practice to hone vocal & instrumental artistry and gives you singular focus to develop your musical chops such as scales, arpeggios, rudiments, and repertoire practice without any interruptions.

  • The Muse Bar

The Muse Bar is the College student lounge and/or cafeteria. The Muse Bar - muse as a place that inspires and bar as a musical measure or place to have a drink.


Off-campus apartments or rented houses are available for students close to the campus. Rented acommodation generally ranges in price from RM 500 for a basic room to RM 2,000 for a fully furnished apartment.


Additional info


⇒ Specially tailored curriculum to meet music industry demands

⇒ Hands-on experience on industry-standard hardware and software

⇒ Learn from qualified faculty and network with music industry professionals

⇒ Engage with peers from over 20 countries

⇒ Earn a UK degree towards overseas continuing education and employment


Courses available 3

Creative Arts & Design 3


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