Master of Science

Institute of Graduate Studies, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Master's Degree
Study mode
2 years
January February March April May June July August September October November December
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 2,792
Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 6,188

About this course

These programmes provide a comprehensive training in research on specific subject areas selected by students through exploration and experimentation. One or more supervisors are assigned to the student whose role is to assist the student to define the research topic and to provide guidance in the development of the research project throughout the duration of study. On completion of the research the candidate is required to submit a thesis on his research findings for examination.

Entry Requirements

Master’s Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) or its equivalent in the related field.
  • Preference will be given to applicants having a Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA 3.0 and above or its equivalent, or second class honors from a recognized university.
  • Applicants having a Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA 3.7 and above can apply directly for the PhD programme.

PhD Admission Requirements

  • A Master’s Degree or its equivalent in the related field.

Language Requirements

  • English
    • Have at least IELTS Band 6 or TOEFL 550 if their first degree is from a university where English is not the medium of instruction.
    • Or Pass an English proficiency test approved by the University.
  • Bahasa Malaysia for Foreigners
    • All foreign candidates of higher degree are required to attend and pass the Bahasa Malaysia course run by the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics before the conferment of their Masters degree
    • Candidates are exempt from the course if they have obtained a pass grade in:
      • the Malaysian Certificate of Education level
      • Level III of the Bahasa Malaysia Proficiency Certificate
      • Level III of the University’s Intensive Bahasa Malaysia Certificate
      • Or equivalent


Research Areas

  • Institute of Biological Sciences
    • Animal Embryology Breeding and Genetics
    • Ecophysiology and Biochemistry
    • Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants
    • Immunology
    • Industrial Microbiology
    • Molecular Biology
    • Plant Biotechnology
    • Plant Bacteriology
    • Plant Ecology
    • Plant Genetics and Breeding
    • Plant Phycology
    • Plant Taxonomy
    • Population Ecology of Agricultural Insect Pests
    • Phytochemistry and Pharmacology
    • Weed Ecology and Management
  • Institute of Mathematical Sciences
    • Algebra and Number Theory
    • Analysis
    • Applied and Computational Statistics
    • Combinatorial Group Theory
    • Computer-Aided Geometric Design
    • Differential Geometry
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Graph Theory
    • Linear and Multilinear Algebra
    • Mathematical Modelling
    • Operational Research
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Quantum Scattering Theory
    • Stochastic Processes
  • Department of Physics
    • Advanced Materials
    • Astronomy and Astrophysics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Fibre Optic Technology
    • Laser and Photonics
    • Plasma Physics
    • Radiation Physics
    • Semiconductor Physics
    • Solid State Ionics
    • Theoretical & Computational Physics
  • Department of Geology
    • Engineering Geology
    • Geology, Magmatism Tectonism and Metallogenesis of Peninsular Malaysia
    • Minerology and Geotechnical Properties of Materials in mined-out ponds
    • Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry
  • Department of Chemistry
    • Catalysis
    • Glycolipid Research
    • Natural Product Chemistry
    • Dynamics and Kinetics of Organic Reactions
    • Biochemical Reaction Mechanisms
    • Crystal Structure Determination
    • Electrochemistry
    • Solid-state Chemistry
    • Polymer Chemistry
    • Surface and Colloid Chemistry
    • Liquid Crystals
    • Computational and Molecular Modeling
    • Air and Water Pollution Chemistry
  • Department of Science & Technology Studies
    • Philosophy of Nature
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Philosophy of Science

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