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Curtin University, Malaysia

Lutong, Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Ranked 84 THE Young University Rankings 2017
  • Ranked 5 SETARA 2017
  • Ranked 5 D-SETARA, Engineering
  • Ranked 262 QS World University Rankings 2018
  • Ranked 200 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)
  • Ranked 5 QS Stars University Ratings
  • Ranked 27 QSWUR Top 50 Under 50 Rankings
  • Ranked 26 THEWUR 200 Most International Universities
Campus setting Suburban
Living cost US$ 240 per month
Student population Medium
International students 20%
Institution type Private

About Curtin University, Malaysia

Curtin University, Malaysia is the first offshore campus and largest international campus of Curtin University, Western Australia (Curtin Perth). It is also the first foreign university campus to be established in East Malaysia in 1999 and currently among the top-rated universities in Malaysia under the Malaysian SETARA and D-SETARA rating systems.

Curtin University, Malaysia is located in a region of Sarawak famed for its natural wonders, rich cultural heritage and biodiversity, oil and gas industry, and emerging processing and manufacturing industries. With students from more than 40 countries, Curtin Sarawak offer students a truly international and cross-cultural learning environment in a unique Malaysian setting which adds rich and valuable dimension to the campus atmosphere. 

A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, science, commerce and arts is offered, in addition to courses at pre-university level that feed directly into undergraduate programmes. These programmes equip graduates with essential skills through exposure to industry and business, as well as research, which focuses on solving real world problems. This combination enables graduates to be effective in the workplace upon graduation.

Campus information

Curtin University, Malaysia's campus is regarded as one of the most modern and unique in the region. Australian architecture and traditional Sarawakian elements were combined for a hybrid look that is distinctly Curtin University, Malaysia. While the designs of the buildings draw heavily from Curtin traditions, the campus is landscaped according to the local style and aesthetics to fit in with Sarawak's tropical climate. The use of modern technology on the campus is also very extensive as Curtin places great emphasis on utilising technology to support teaching, learning and research. Furthermore, sophisticated IT linkages provide access to the online resources of the main campus in Perth.

The campus currently has 14 computer labs with over 400 PCs for student use in addition to terminals located in the library that provide access to the library's online databases. The campus boasts a number of state-of-the-art science and engineering labs, including Chemical Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Power, Electronic and Communication, Embedded System, Networking, Renewable Energy and Geophysics labs.

Film and television students, meanwhile, can count on a custom-built Film Lab and Editing Suite equipped with the latest broadcast-quality film-making equipment and software. 

Students have access to recreational facilities such as the multipurpose Recreation and Event Centre which houses an indoor basketball court, badminton courts and gym facilities, as well as a football field, rugby pitch, outdoor basketball court, tennis courts and indoor volleyball cum futsal court. In addition to the library, laboratories and recreational facilities, there are:

  • Academic support
  • Study areas
  • A choice of food outlets
  • Student lounge
  • Postal and banking facilities
  • Campus bookshop
  • Convenience store
  • Health and first aid centre
  • Counseling services
  • Islamic Centre
  • Public transportation

The impressive 300-acre campus opening in the suburb of Senadin to the north of the city in 2002 established a firm foothold in Malaysia. Prior to that, for some three years, the fledgling campus occupied temporary premises at a secondary school at Riam Road in the city's southern outskirts. Curtin University, Malaysia is set in the midst of open flatland that stretches all the way to the Baram River (Sarawak and Malaysia's second-longest) where the Trans-Borneo Highway and the ASEAN Bridge links Miri to neighbouring Brunei.

The campus is surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eye can see. Interspersed within this expanse are wetlands, including Sarawak's first wetland recreational park, as well as man-made lakes and canals that attract a variety of migratory and water birds. Curtin University, Malaysia is within walking distance to student accommodation and food outlets. Students will also have easy access to public transport around the city and to nearest local shopping complexes.


Curtin Sarawak has four student accommodation options to suit a range of budgets:

  • Lakeside Apartments I & II: Housing that allows students to stay close to the action. A short walk from the campus cafeteria, computer laboratories and library, the Lakeside Apartments consist of six 3-storey blocks with 172 apartment units. Rental per person per month ranges from RM325 to RM575, depending on the room type.
  • Curtin Village: About five-minute's drive from the campus and consisting of 24 semi-detached houses. Students have the option of private or shared rooms in fully-furnished 5-bedroom houses. Rental per person per month ranges from RM420 to RM500, depending on the room type.
  • Curtin Villa: About 3-minute's drive from the campus and consisting of 60 terrace-type houses. Intermediate units for 8 residents with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and living cum dining room. Rental per person per month ranges from RM340 to RM500, depending on the room type.
  • Curtin Water: Located about 2 kilometers from the campus and consisting of 34 terrace-type houses. Corner and intermediate units for 6 residents with 5 bedrooms, and a shared bathrooms, kitchens and living cum dining room. Rental per person per month ranges from RM400 to RM570, depending on the room type.

Why Study at Curtin University, Malaysia?

Affordable Australian Education

Completing a Curtin degree at Curtin Malaysia is around a third of the cost of completing exactly the same degree in Australia.

Flexible Transfer Options

Students are offered flexibility in completing their degrees at Curtin Perth or its other branch campuses in Singapore and Dubai.

Identical Courses and Certificate

The courses are identical to those at other Curtin campuses and degrees are conferred directly by the main campus, Curtin University.

Top 1% of Universities Worldwide

Curtin University is ranked in the Top 1% of universities worldwide in Academic Ranking of the World Universities (ARWU) 2017.

Enriching Our Courses

Our undergraduate degrees are even more flexible. You will have the freedom to follow your interests as you learn more about your field before choosing a major that suits your career goals.

International Opportunities

With seven campuses across the Asia-Pacific region, Curtin gives you all the benefits of a truly international university. When you graduate, you'll have a degree that is recognised in more places around the world and be able to complete further study at either campus to enhance your career prospects.

Assurance of Quality

Our courses are identical in all aspects to those offered at Curtin's main campus in Australia, are endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Malaysian Public Services Department (JPA), and accredited by professional bodies, ensuring wide recognition.

Building A Reputation

You will find our campus offers the best possible facilities one would expect from Curtin's first and largest international campus, a joint venture with the Sarawak State Government. Curtin University, Malaysia offers a vibrant campus lifestyle with a mix of academic support services and exciting social events.


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Courses available 12

Applied and Pure Sciences 1 Business and Management 2 Computer Science and IT 1 Engineering 8 English Language 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 1



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