In today’s world, innovation is anywhere to be found and everything evolves around technology. As it seems, the technological revolution will hold on for a long while and IT related sectors are one of the fields highly in demand. There is a great increase in e-commerce, mobile telecommunication, the use of databases and a whole lot more! 

Eligibility Requirements

After graduation or finishing off of a previous degree, you cannot just apply for another degree programme. You must meet the basic admission requirements first.

For Computer Science and Information Technology you will need a SPM/ O- Level Qualification with a minimum of five credits, including one in Mathematics. In addition to this, you will also need a Pre-University Qualification. For this qualification you must have at least one of the following credits; a minimum of 2Es in A-levels or an equivalent, a minimum of ATAR 60 in Australian Matriculation,  an average of at least 55% in Canadian Pre-University, and a CGPA must be equivalent to 2.0 or 60% in Foundation in Science or IT.

Cost of studying Computer Science and Information Technology in Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular study destination as the cost of studying and living is very low. Besides the costs, it is also popular because there are a lot of foreign universities. Computer Science and Information Technology has three different programmes whereby students can study for half of the duration in Malaysia and the other half in a foreign country. The other programme includes international colleges and foreign universities set up for international students coming to Malaysia for this degree. The tuition fee of a Computer Science and Information Technology degree in Malaysia costs between RM 45,000 and RM 65,000.