30 months
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Local students
USD 8,373
MYR 35,064
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USD 10,584
MYR 44,325
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About this course

Interior Architecture is about designing and creating practical yet engaging spaces. This course is where you will learn how to balance function and appeal in the design of space. The Diploma in Interior Architecture is designed to prepare you for employment and / or further studies in various fields such as interior architecture, property development, installation work and exhibition design.

If you are inspired by space, enjoy practicality and aesthetics, like to work with your hands, then you may be well suited for this course. You will gain foundational knowledge of Interior Architecture, as well as the skills needed in the industry and  how to apply them to your future work. You will also learn to develop your creative talent and how to apply it to other fields such as furniture design, exhibition design, lighting design and installation work.

Entry Requirements

  • SPM | UEC | O Level | or equivalent: Minimum of 3 credits (with a Credit in Mathematics)