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ALFA International College, Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Subang Jaya, Malaysia


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Why Study in ALFA International College

Early Exposure to the Workplace

Our students are exposed to their trade very early on by site visits & internships. This gives them more insight into the industry and raises their employability.


ALFA's clubs and societies offer students a channel to finding balance; balance between work, study and play. The clubs and societies provide opportunities to explore interests and talents.

Personalized Learning Experience

Students who study at ALFA get to enjoy small class sizes therefore they will have more personal attention from their lecturers.

Recognized Certification

ALFA College diploma’s are recognized by UK, Australia and New Zealand Universities therefore allowing them to complete their degrees overseas.


Student Lounge Areas

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Courses Offered


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About ALFA International College

Since its establishment in 1998, ALFA International College is recognized as one of the best private colleges in Malaysia. ALFA is well-known in this country for its courses in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design and Multimedia Design. While staying true to its origins as a design academy, the College expanded its diploma offering to include Early Childhood Education in 2010. The programmes offered at the ALFA are internationally recognized and ALFA has successfully prepared graduates to pursue their career goals and complete advanced studies at various universities around the world. ALFA students are groomed to be highly-skilled and sought-after professionals.  

A hallmark of ALFA's curriculum is the 'Industrial Attachment' programme which takes place during a student's final year of study. The programme offers students practical work experience and exposure to current industry demands and opportunities. ALFA also provides a unique, close-knit learning environment for its students. Since the student-to-lecturer ratio in classrooms is kept low, students are able to work closely with lecturers while enjoying personalized attention and coaching. Experience and expertise are two traits which personify ALFA's dedicated academic staff. ALFA lecturers do not just impart knowledge. They impart relevant, real-world industry experience.

ALFA Colleges has partnered with several prestigious universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand where students can pursue further study. Credits and transcripts are transferable, and admission is a straightforward process. In this way international students can earn an internationally recognized degree at a lower cost. ALFA International College provides an environment for students of all cultures, ethnicity and backgrounds to realize their creative potential.


Introduction to ALFA College

Diploma in Interior Architecture Furniture Showreel 2014

Happy Teacher's Day 2014

Penang Study Trip

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