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About Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Caritas Institute of Higher Education was established in 1985. It was known as Caritas Francis Hsu College and had been offering advanced level courses and two-year Accounting, Computing and Management diploma programs in the initial years of its operation until 1990, when it was granted the approval by the Hong Kong Government to provide post-secondary education.

The Institute then started providing four three-year-Professional Diploma programs, in Accounting Studies, Company Secretaryship and Administration, Computing Studies, and Translation and Interpretation. The four programs were subsequently modified to become the four-year-Higher Diploma programs in 1998. This initiative was to comply with the course duration requirement of the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (CAP. 320) under which the Institute sought official registration as a post-secondary College.

The institute was eventually accorded the registration status as an Approved Post Secondary College on 8 August 2001, and its four Higher Diploma programs were validated and accredited as comparable in standard and standing with those offered by its local and overseas counterparts Caritas Francis Hsu College was founded on both professional and altruistic principles. The mission of the Institute is to produce responsible and respectable graduates who are academically and professionally well educated and can fulfill the role of making contributions to the social and moral well-being of the community.

Based on its belief in and esteem for the value of the human person, the Institute is committed to providing study programs for those who might have less opportunity of pursuing post secondary education as well as those who wish to continue their personal and professional development at any stage of their lives.

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