2 years
Feb Jun Oct
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USD 24,264
AUD 33,720
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USD 29,100
AUD 40,440
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About this course

The Advanced Diploma of Computing is awarded to students who complete an additional 4 units to their Diploma of Computing. These units are equivalent to the first semester of second year at Macquarie University. The advanced diploma is designed for students who wish to continue their studies in SIBT’s supportive and personalised learning environment.

Entry Requirements

  • Year 12 HSC with satisfactory ATAR;
  • GCE A-levels with 2 passes;
  • STPM with minimum 2 passes; UEC with C-grade in 4 academic subjects;
  • Other equivalent qualifications accepted by the university.

English Requirement:

  • Academic IELTS;
  • TOEFL;
  • Relevant high school English language results;
  • Completion of an accredited Academic English program recognised by SIBT.