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Why Malaysia Should Be Your MBA Destination

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Study MBA in Malaysia
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The INTI International University & Colleges and another dozen or so Malaysian universities – both public and private –offer a range of business studies across many majors, including the coveted Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

Apart from the many MBA programmes offered, Malaysia presents immense benefits for prospective students. Here’s why Malaysia should be your MBA destination of choice: 

Quality Education

At INTI, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality of education. Higher education institutions in Malaysia are governed by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, which mandates optimal standards for national qualifications in the country. This proactive initiative by the Malaysian government ensures that all tertiary educators adhere to strictly set standards to ensure quality education for all. Some of these standards include mandatory industrial/ executive training programs thereby giving students both theoretical and practical, real-working experience, a great plus point.

MBA Availability 

Malaysia houses many business schools that offer MBA programmes. Most schools also offer collaboration, or what is known as twinning, programmes, which allow students to pursue MBA degrees from prestigious business school around the world, locally in Malaysia, including INTI, with strong programmes from Coventry University, UK. The twinning programmes by INTI are by no means lesser in quality though it is taught in Malaysia. In fact, students can expect the same superior level of academic quality and facilities that meet standards from its international counterpart and very often, also taught by international professors while following an international curriculum. 

With this, students can pursue degrees from accredited and prestigious business schools around the world in Malaysia and be awarded an international education certificate.


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MBA Diversity

While it should come as no surprise, Malaysia’s education industry has thrived over the last few years and now offers various types of MBA programmes. These programmes are on par similar to those that can be found globally – i.e. full-time and part-time options available, including course work together with academic-based MBAs. 

Malaysia is a one-stop centre for MBA programmes, offering prospective students ample choice in selecting specific majors for their MBA. Students also have a wide variety of majors to choose from such as finance, strategy, marketing, international business and general MBAs.

Conveniently Located

Malaysia’ strategic location in the heart of South East Asia (SEA) with Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand as it’s neighbour makes it an attractive and convenient location to many prospective students. With temperate tropical weather all year-round, Malaysia is also free from most natural disasters, thereby making it a beautiful and safe country to live. Its friendly and warm people, world-class infrastructure and undeniably stunning flora and fauna certainly make Malaysia an ideal location for many. 

A multi-ethnic country, Malaysia enjoys continuous peace and stability. The government system has been touted by most economies as being one of the most successful multi-ethnic economies in the world. 

Malaysia values the safety and well-being of foreigners with many help centres and agencies tasked with monitoring the safety and livelihood of tourists, expatriates, and foreign students in the country. In 2014, Malaysia introduced the “i-Kad” system as part of its commitment to ensure quick, efficient and responsive support is given to foreign students in the country.

Cost Effective

The average cost of doing an MBA in Malaysia ranges anywhere from USD12,000 to USD20,000. Living cost for basic necessities including housing, food, leisure and transport costs is also low in Malaysia. Scholarships are also easily available to deserving candidates, where most business schools have scholarship mechanisms that reward academic excellence. 

Coupled with a relatively affordable cost of living, this makes pursuing an MBA in Malaysia not only much lower than popular study destinations like US, UK and Australia, but very attractive. Furthermore, with high quality standards enforced, cost effectiveness does not come at the price of compromising on education quality.

Good Career Prospects

Malaysia is home to some of the largest companies and brands in the world, such as Shell, Accenture, Samsung, Mindvalley, HSBC and many other multinational corporations, all of which are always hungry for great talent. The last few years have also seen a boom in the start-up space, further supported by the Malaysian government, which gives students great opportunities work for any of these great companies. 

Pursuing an MBA will definitely help to further enhance skills, build up your knowledge and open your opportunities for a potential career change or jump. Executive and industrial training programmes ensure MBA student have the opportunity to seek internship with some of these well-known corporations, for example, technology companies, banks, and international organisations. 


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For more information, visit http://newinti.edu.my/main/academic_programmes/cu-mba.

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