Top 10 Reasons To Take an MBA

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 06 Sep 2019
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Widely recognized credentials

An MBA is a postgraduate degree, granted after training has been completed in both the theory and practice of business management after one to two years of graduate-level university study. Possessing an MBA signifies that you have a certain level of competency in all functional management roles. As a matter of fact, an MBA is recognized worldwide as a high-level degree that acts as a passport to a promising career.

Flexible study arrangements

MBA programs are flexible (full-time, part-time and online programs are available) and allow you to juggle your life and the course itself at the same time. If you are busy with work during the day, then evening and weekend classes are for you. These days, MBA programmes are designed to reduce disruption to daily schedules.

An increase in earnings potential

Statistics show that a person with an MBA will start off with a salary about 12% higher than someone with a basic degree. Ten percent higher per month per annum is 120% and throughout a decade, is a significantly large amount. An MBA is a worthwhile self-investment policy. Rest assured that returns that an MBA brings is worth the time and money spent.

Greater opportunity to work in a country or region of your choice

As MBA programs prepare you with variety of management skills which are globally recognized, you will be exposed to a myriad of tasks which require great responsibility. An MBA program provides you with this advantage over your competitors. Whether in private or non-profit businesses throughout the world, an MBA can be used to improve social, environmental and economic standards.

Grow your networking resources

During an MBA programme, talent is assembled in a learning environment. Thus, participating in a programme will provide you with opportunities to cultivate professional relationships which will benefit you throughout your career and life. This gives you a wide social network which transcends the ‘fellow students’ relationship. This makes the fabric of the MBA experience an enticing prospect for almost anyone.

Polish your communication skills.

Communication skills are one of the keys to success for many businesses. According to a survey conducted by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, listening skills and change management skills in the workplace are the most crucial skills to succeed in today's businesses.

Advancement in Career

An MBA is a passport to enter many organizations. The doors are open wider for MBA graduates. An MBA provide you with the skill, knowledge, and ability necessary for a managerial role without requiring you to be in the business world. An MBA also benefits non-business professionals such as people in medicine, publishing, real estate agents and tech support specialists. The list goes on. With an MBA, they can potentially attain a more rewarding position in their existing careers.

A chance to learn standard tools for organizing business activities and managing business processes.

An MBA is all about learning what it means to be a leader. Risk management, performance improvement plans, project management and marketing plans are the tools, techniques and resources that are provided by an MBA programme and needed to run a business. Business management skills are one of the strategic assets of an organization. For instance, when deciding who gets promoted, the excellence of your past performance is taken into consideration instead of your future performance. As the future is filled with uncertainty, you may need to start taking up responsibilities in handling business activities both in good and bad times.

Be your Own Boss with an MBA

With an entrepreneur’s spirit, an MBA programme provides you with a variety of ways to start a business. An MBA programme will develop leadership skills and management knowledge within you which can then be turned into something profitable which includes bringing a new business to life. In addition, a good MBA program will train you in areas like business planning, venture financing and small business management which are critical to start a business.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the business world

The business environment is rapidly changing these days and increases in complexity. The business world has become so complex that many fields and principles begin interacting with one another simultaneously. An MBA programme covers a wide range of business principles which enables graduates to gain an in-depth picture of the complexity of the current business world.

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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