Must-have skills on your resume to be marketable in 2022

September 02, 2022


Ever wondered what can make you marketable in your job search?

According to a report by LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends, “92% of hiring professionals say soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills.”

While hard skills or technical skills are generally also as important, they are easier to train on-the-job compared to soft skills, which are traits that cannot be easily learned in a day or week.

Plus, soft skills have the potential to build or break the structure and culture of a company. This is why hiring managers are so particular about the soft skills candidates have.

Nonetheless, having both hard and soft skills will greatly benefit you in your professional and personal endeavours.

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Why must you have these skills?

1. You can easily adapt to change.

Change, whatever they are, can disrupt your workflow. From a new workplace to a newly added responsibility, it is not uncommon to struggle adapting to these new changes. 

However, if you have learned about time management, you would be able to better deal with the chance and still function well. You will grow exponentially as a person and a professional in no time!

2. Get a boost in your career growth.

Learning new skills signifies growth in your current position in a company. It is also a sign that you are ready for bigger roles and responsibilities including leadership roles. For example, learning about developing a website, a new language, enhancing your writing skills, and more.

They will help you move towards better opportunities in your career, side income and passion!

3. You gain more knowledge in various areas.

Learning is just as important outside the classroom. What are the skills that you couldn’t learn at university but valued at the workplace? Start from those skills and you will never go wrong. There are plenty of free courses online with certificates that you can attend!

Additionally, constantly learning keeps you updated with changes and advances of technology. You won’t struggle to keep up with your fellow colleagues once you find your first job. This makes you a reliable and knowledgeable team member too!

4. You become a fast learner.

This is something employers look for in their candidates. As a fast learner, adapting to a new way of working is a breeze. This also means more time and room to learn more new things.

Digital marketing courses provide a boost to your career growth, especially if you’re in this field within an agency or a start-up.

Top 20 skills to have on your resume

Soft skills

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Time management 
  4. Creativity
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Problem-solving
  7. Communication
  8. Independence
  9. Teamwork 
  10. Responsibility 

Hard skills

  1. Computer software
  2. Management
  3. Marketing
  4. Languages
  5. Presentation or public speaking
  6. Social media management 
  7. Research
  8. Search Engine Optimisation tools
  9. Google tools
  10. Data analysis

It is best to start learning these skills now rather than later. There are plenty of courses that you can register for free or pay only a small sum of money to learn all the skills you need.

Free online courses to learn these skills

1. YouTube

The best place to begin learning about anything you can imagine. Videos range from short to long videos, episodes, and more.

2. SkillUp by Simplilearn

Free online courses that cover a wide range of skills and a completion certificate at the end of your entire lesson. Just key in your desired course on the search bar and be amazed by the choices you have.

3. Hubspot

A compilation of free, personalised and global courses that address your curiosity in any professional areas you can think of. Experts come together from all parts of the world to share their knowledge. 

4. Google Digital Workshop

For personal growth, start-ups, businesses and more. You will be required to fill up a couple of forms for them to understand your intent and goals before proceeding to your courses.

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