Most Popular Higher Education Courses Among Asian Students

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Making it easier for international and local students to find the most suitable universities online, ‘’ has emerged as the most popular higher education portal in South East Asia. Since its launch students have spent more than 3,100,000 minutes on this website to find a dream university for themselves. The portal is providing a comprehensive platform to higher education institutions to promote themselves to students from all over the world as the portal attracts students from 202 countries worldwide.

As part of its efforts to empower institutions with valuable insights, easyuni has released data, based on the behaviour of over a million students on its portal, highlighting the most popular subjects with a breakdown of countries. After analyzing this data Education institutes will be able to develop tailored campaigns for each subject targeting different countries. For instance, students from Indonesia are highly interested in Business Management compared to Nigerian students, who see the future in Accounting and Finance-related courses.






The portal is gaining massive popularity in countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Australia, Brunei along with Malaysia. easyuni, not only provides information about universities and courses but also provides advice about various related topics like cost of living, visa requirements, university rankings, employment opportunities, scholarships, tips on enhancing student life, student accommodation and student reviews.  


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