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Have You Ever Thought Of Studying In Denmark? This is Why You Should

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

(source: eucareer.org)

There is a worldwide tug-of-war going on to grab the maximum share of the international student market and the same holds true for Denmark also. It has undertaken special efforts to attract and retain international students from other countries with the objective of gaining from diversity and innovation along with a deeper understanding of the international environment and culture. All these factors are seen as essential for vibrant international business.

The industry leaders and the policy makers in the country very well recognize the importance of attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals from emerging economies like Malaysia to meet the shortage of talent.

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Denmark – policy reforms lead to better opportunities for foreign students

The Danish government has set high aims for itself when it comes to attracting and retaining international students. Reforms have been introduced making it easy for companies and universities in the country to faster and easy access to skilled workers from countries like Malaysia. Some concrete steps that have been taken in this direction involve extension of special green card from six months to 3 years for students who complete their higher education in Denmark and providing them better work opportunities in order to retain talent within the country, introducing curricula of international standards in educational institutions at different levels, better conditions for foreign researchers and employees returning to their Danish employers after a stint outside Denmark in terms of tax schemes and most of all overhauling of visa rules to make the processes simpler and less time consuming.

 In addition to the above the government has taken concrete steps to ensure that workers irrespective of their place of origin are treated fairly, receiving same pay and enjoying identical work conditions as the Danish citizens. International students in Denmark are allowed to work for 15 hours per week and full time during the months of June, July and August.

(source: teremtesvedelem.hu)

Denmark – world class international qualification

An equally important fact encouraging Malaysian students to look at a future in Denmark, is its education system. Students from all over the world move to Denmark for an international qualification. A safe and an innovation driven environment favour the presence of international students in the country pursuing courses in various fields like health, social sciences and engineering. They in turn contribute to a learning environment that is diverse and inspiring. Considered to be a leader in innovation Denmark is ranked second when it comes to producing talent. More than 500 different programs are available for students and more than 1300 courses are available in English making Denmark an obvious destination for international students

In addition to these, the government offers ample scholarships for full degree students from non EU and EEA countries and Switzerland with a time limited permit for residence. Bilateral agreements between Danish and foreign institutions further facilitate exchange of international students, faculty and researchers.

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Denmark – a safe environment

The overall environment in Denmark is safe and corruption free making it a preferred destination for internationals students and workers. The welfare model prevalent in the country ensures that all workers enjoy a healthy balance of work and life. Efficient and non corrupt public services ensure that professionals in the country enjoy a good life.

Values like freedom, equality, mutual respect, tolerance and trust are enshrined in the Citizens ensuring that the workplace and educational environment both are organized in a positive way. Being one of the safest countries, it tops the United Nations Education Index.

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