From Theme Park to Funeral Home: 4 Unusual Internships for a Business Student

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

For Aspiring Mortician

Sick of the cubicles?If you’ve an unusual interest in the business of grief, you might consider heading over to a funeral home for a truly unique internship experience. You will get to face the physical reality of handling and preparing dead bodies. That’s right. Make sure you are mentally prepared to face this internship by watching relevant films and clips, so that you won’t freak out when stepping up to the gurney the first time.

If you are an innately money-hungry creepy student, go for it!

United Nations Internship Program  


If funeral home isn’t your thing, why not pack your bags and travel to Bangkok for an all-diplomacy or public policy kind of internship? Have a keen interest in economic affairs? There’s a United Nation internship for that. Want to spend your summer managing programme? There's an internship for that, too. Or maybe you'd rather be a part of a human rights team and defend the rights of people in Southeast Asia.


Your internship could take you just about anywhere you want to go.

Create Your Own Internship

Want to combine your love for travel, nature and business into one awesome internship? JiwaDamai - one of the most popular retreat centers in the heart of Bali - offers you a chance to discover your passion and sharpen your skills and passion amidst the organic greenery.

They have so much more to offer than just marketing and business management. You also get to explore the many programmes available, such as permaculture, yoga, holistic medicine, psychology.

 What are you waiting for? Suss out this cool internship at JiwaDamai now!  

For Theme Park Junkies


Since you were already planning on spending your holiday at Genting Highlands, why not gain a little professional experience in the process? Resorts World Genting, Malaysia’s largest amusement park company, hire interns.

Whether you are looking for jobs in promotion & entertainment, public relations & communication, resort planning, risk management or theme park, Genting might just have a place for you. And when you're not working, you can ride the cable cars as many times as you want — for free!


Why not embrace your inner child by applying for an internship at Genting?


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