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5 Reasons To Consider Malaysia For Your MBA

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Over the last few years, the quality of a Malaysian MBA has come to match its overseas equivalents. A Malaysian MBA’s reputation amongst employers has gained ground. In fact, now that it has been validated as a reputable and desired degree, you should take a look at the many benefits of studying an MBA in Malaysia.


1) Location – Accessibility, Culture and Economy

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For students in Malaysia or neighbouring countries, studying in Malaysia is both convenient and logical. As a cultural hot pot with Chinese, Indian and Malay and other minorities, Malaysia is also a great place to understand different cultures, styles of business and the interactions between different communities. This is a major benefit because many companies in Asia, Europe and the Americas are looking to expand into the Asian market. As one of the strongest economies in the region, Malaysia is an excellent location to gain experience with developing economies while maintaining an international focus.


2) Closer to Home

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Since it’s closer to home for Malaysians and most Asians, studying an MBA in Malaysia makes more sense. It grants you the benefits of a foreign degree without having to leave your home, family, and friends. Also, location-wise Malaysia has many advantages. It is the 18th most competitive economies in the world, as ranked by the World Economic Forum for 2015-2016. It is full of rich natural resources and a strong manufacturing and export industry.


3) Familiarity – Cultural Nuances, Food and Comfort

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If you are Malaysian, studying here should be right in your comfort zone. This is a major benefit, because, as you are dealing with the challenges of a rigorous degree and studying again, it is helpful to be in a familiar environment because you have fewer distractions detracting from your degree.

A major problem many students studying abroad face is homesickness especially lack of home food. Having the food and familiarity of your own country or region will decrease the level of stress you face overall. As an MBA is a rigorous and intensive degree, this will help you focus and get more out of the degree without having to stress out about accidentally making a cultural faux pas or missing home so much that you can’t concentrate on your work.


4) Efficiency – Saving Cost and Time

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A degree earned in Malaysia is more affordable, and could cost around only RM 33,000 (or just USD 8,283). Another factor that lowers the price tag is the cost of living. The costs are lower in Malaysia; basic necessities like rent, food, and transport cost much lower in Malaysia than in Western countries like US or UK. 

Another way studying an MBA in Malaysia increases efficiency is with the option of a part-time MBA. While working in Malaysia, you can work and take up a part-time degree.  It allows you to gain experience and continue to support yourself financially while you go ahead and improve your future prospects.


5) Reputation and Salary

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The reputation of an MBA in Malaysia has solidified over the last few years. The quality of academics and facilities here are improving and meeting international standards. Classes are rigorous and many follow curriculum set by western institutions. The reputation of an MBA also comes hand in hand with a salary jump.

According to Payscale, Malaysian employees with a Master of Science, another highly sought after degree, earn in the range of RM 37,300 to RM 105,000, depending on the job, industry and experience; employees with an MBA earn can anywhere from RM 57,000 to RM 168,000 in Malaysia.

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