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College Student’s Guide on Moving Out for the First Time

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Moving out for the first time could be very exciting. Imagine living with your best friends, setting your own rules, having no curfew, and most of all, getting excused from doing everyday chores!

However, as appealing as it sounds, moving out is also a nerve-racking thing to deal with as it comes with a great responsibility. In addition, one must be hundred percent prepared for what lies ahead upon moving out to live on your own.

So before you consider running back to your childhood home, here are some of the many things you need to consider before moving out for the first time.


Invest in the right place


The most important thing you have to consider when you decide to move out is finding the right place. Make sure it is accessible from your university. If it is not walking distance, make sure there are public transportations available.

Also, check if there is a nearby grocery store, food shop, clinic, or any establishment that you will probably need during the course of your stay. Remember, always think about your convenience.


Find a perfect flat mate


Students who move out for college usually live in shared dormitories or apartments. Most of the time, you cannot choose who your flatmate will be and they end up to be very different from who you are.

Variety is a spice of life! To find a perfect flat mate, you have to know yourself first. What are your interests? What are your hobbies? What do you like to do on your free time? This way, it will be easier for you to express yourself. Letting your flatmate know the type person you are will make them understand you better.

If you find yourself in a situation wherein you do not like your flat mate, then try to extend your patience and understanding. Communication is always the key to building a good relationship. Talk to them and tell them in the nicest waythe things you dislike about them. In that way, they will be able to give an explanation and you can talk how you can adjust and cope up with your differences.


Learn to cook simple and healthy meals


One of the many expenses you have to bear when you decide to live alone is spending on what you eat. As a student, you will be tempted to eat outside every day as it easier to just order food, rather than cook.

But since you have to keep your spending on track, you have to know simple recipes that will help you save money. There are blogs, videos, and online cookbook you can search on the internet that will help you learn recipes you can easily cook.

Aside from the assurance that the food that you eat is healthy, it also makes you use every cent of your allowance wisely!


Stick to a budget that you can follow


With a lot of mobile budget applications available nowadays tracking expenses is a lot easier. Get one to help you come up with a budget plan you can follow.

You can set spending and saving goals to make you be more mindful of your spending. In addition, pay bills on time and keep yourself away from bad credit rating and system interruptions.

As you are on a budget, avoid impulsive buying and be wise enough in handling your money. Remember, buy only the things that you need.

Moving out is just a few of the first steps to growth and independence. Owning up to the added responsibilities is what truly makes you a full-grown adult.

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