Good news: International Students can now apply for their Malaysian visa electronically

March 20, 2018

EasyUni Staff

If you’re a student who has your eyes set to study in the tropical and all-year-round summer Malaysia, this piece of news will be the highlight of your day. We’re talking about easier e-visa applications that are offered to more countries out there and this may include yours!

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From the initial countries whose students were allowed to apply for this e-visa, including China, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, and Montenegro in August last year, Malaysia’s Immigration Department will be expanding this offer to other students of different nationalities.

Once you have received the Visa Approval Letter (VAL), you are encouraged to apply for your e-visa and from this point on, you just need to wait for 48 hours to have it processed and given the green lights.

If you’re curious enough, then you might be wondering how this is even made possible. And if you’re still reading, we’ll let you in on who is the miracle-maker behind this fast-paced procedure. Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is in charge of offering services to international students and directing them to the Immigration Department, particularly regarding your visa.

Remember your Visa Approval Letter? With VAL, you can gain access to your documents through EMGS’ digital student application and registration system (STARS). Besides that, you can keep track of your application status online or even the EMGS mobile app. Last year alone, EMGS managed to attract a mighty 170,000 international students, and this year, their target is 200,000.

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With that in mind, get ready to apply for your e-visa, pack your bags and get the next flight ticket to Malaysia. Your studies await here!

If you’re a little confused about your options to study in Malaysia, don’t fret, our counsellors are ready to help you. Contact us whenever you’re free!

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