8 Dorm Room Hacks To Keep You Organised

By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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#1 Shoe Rack


shoe rack from boxes

(Source: minimalisti.com)


Cut off one side from several boxes and stack up these boxes as a shoe rack. Secure the shoe rack using tapes or paperclips. Looks great, right? Ok, maybe not so great, but it’s a super cheap and easy way to store your shoes while saving space!



#2 Storage Station


Stool Storage DIY

(Source: diycozyhome.com )


Did you know your stool can be used to build a storage station? How to do that? Simply turn the stool upside down and use some fabrics or plastic bag to create borders. You can store your umbrella, floor sweeper, broom, and many more things. You can also hang things over the stool legs just by hanging a plastic bag.



#3 Table Drawer Organizer


table drawer organizer

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Recycle unused shoe boxes or containers and use them as a drawer organizer. It helps keep your tiny stuff organized and clears up the mess on your table top. 



#4 Tabletop Storage Box/ Rack


DIY desk organizer

(Source: pinterest.com)


Reuse empty toilet paper rolls by placing them in a shoe box and voila, a new tabletop organizer to stuff your stationaries.



#5 Underbed Storage


underbed storage

(Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com)


In a small and shared dorm room, every inch counts. Don’t miss out the space under your bed if there’s some available. Use sealed boxes or luggages to store unused stuff (clothes, bags, shoes etc.). But if your cupboard is too small for clothes (or anything else), use the storage box under the bed as a drawer instead.



#6 Over Door Hanger


over door hanger student

(Source: asseenontvmalaysia.com)


Don’t forget the door when it comes to organizing your room. As most dorm rooms do not allow nails to be hooked, buying an over door hanger will solve this problem. It is removable so you can bring it to another room if you need to change dorm every semester. 


#7 DIY Floating Shelf  


Binder hacks

(Source: goodhousekeeping.com)


Adhere your container with a paperclip and a hook when it gets too crowded on your tabletop. Leave more space for your laptop and coffee mugs on the table with this brilliant idea now. 



#8 Wardrobe / Cupboard Organizer


wardrobe organizer

(Source: 1aled.fotomaps.ru)


Get yourself a cupboard organizer if you need more space or shelf for your wardrobe. Manage your briefs, socks and accessories with this organizer so you can use the space efficiently.


(Credit to Lee Xiang Wei)

Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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