7 best careers for 2016 and how you can get them

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

1. Data Scientist
The demand for data scientist is expected to rise this year and onwards. Data scientists are needed to keep up with the explosion of big data and converting these into usable information. The demand for data scientists exists from startups down to giant corporations, however talent supply isn't meeting demand as only a handful of professionals are trained to handle this new job that's currently being defined by many companies.  

Recommended Courses you can take: Computer Science and IT and/or Statistics


2. Web Designers and Developers
According to industry observers, employment in this field is going to grow more than 20% in the next ten years. Companies, small to large, will require the skills of professionals who not only design and construct websites but can also create and manage e-commerce sites. Furthermore, those with certification in current web development systems and software are most likely to benefit in the future. 

Recommended Courses you can take: Computer Science and IT


3. Environmental and waste management Engineers
This sector is expected to grow by 20.3% and add 1.7 million new jobs to the economy this year. In the next 10 years, it is epxected to grow 15 per cent. With the world experiencing more environmental problems, the demand for professionals who can create new solutions in this field will never out of fashion. 

Recommended Courses you can take: Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Waste Management


4. Personal financial advisers or planners
This occupation is expected to grow almost 30 per cent in the next ten years. This job can be a great career for someone who has some life experience in solving financial challenges. As more emotional dysfunctions happen around money in people's lives, the wise counsel of these financial advisers become even more important. 

Recommended Courses: Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business and Management, Business Administration, Statistics, Mathematics


5. Personal and home care aides
The number of older persons has more than tripled since 1950; it will almost triple again by 2050. According to UN's Population Division, we are living through a period of population ageing, a result of the combined effects of declining fertility and falling mortality rates. With that being said, professionals who can care for the elderly and sick will increase as well. 

Recommended Courses: Health and Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Geriatric medicine, Social Work


6. Marketing Managers
With the explosive growth in digital marketing, marketing managers are high demand. Employers are now looking for marketing managers with skills or insights in search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), content management and even user experience interface. 

Recommended Courses: Computer Science and IT, Multimedia, Marketing, Communication & Media, Public Relations, Business and Management


7. Information Security Analyst
The proliferation of cloud-based technology is a driving the need to protect sensitivity information within a company. Microsoft reported that by the beginning 2016, North American companies will need to employ at least 2.7 million cloud-computing workers, including information security analysts, and labor analysts say the supply can’t meet that demand.

Recommended Courses: Computer Science and IT, Information Systems

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