1 year
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USD 1,409
GBP 1,000
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USD 1,409
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About this course

The technology units will be completed with a mixture of practical work and demonstrations in our workshop and theory lessons within a classroom. The management units will be completed by formal lectures and role play. Candidates will be expected to provide technical support and advice to level two students during a practical session.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years' experience in the motor trade
  • Minimum 85% attendance on Level 3 course
  • Completion of level 3 qualification
  • You will need a reference from the tutor of the previous course
  • Merit grades on at least 3 online and phase tests on main MR units
  • You will need a reference from the tutor of your previous course
  • Have an interest in a supervisory or management role within the motor vehicle industry
  • Enjoy the challenges of modern diagnosis techniques and an interest in modern technology