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AUSMAT & SACE: A Comprehensive Guide For You

Everything you MUST know about AUSMAT and SACE International


If you are still searching for pre-university courses, have you considered AUSMAT or SACE? 

AUSMAT and SACE are like two peas in a pod. They are based on the Australian education system but administered by different government bodies. 

If these terms overwhelm you, don't worry. 

This comprehensive writing will guide you to decide either AUSMAT or SACE as your pre-university course. The guide encompasses comparisons between the two courses, assessment methods, and curriculum. 

This comprehensive guide should help you make an informed decision and choose the program that best suits your academic goals. 

What Are AUSMAT And SACE International?

As mentioned in the introduction, AUSMAT and SACE International are Australian-centralised education. 

AUSMAT is the Australian Matriculation, which is also known as the West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). SACE International, on the other hand, stands for South Australian Certificate of Education. 

So, what are the differences between AUSMAT and SACE International? 

Here is a list of differences between the two pre-university courses: 

1. Administered by different government bodies.

Although both courses are in one country, they are administered by different government bodies. 

AUSMAT is implemented by the Western Australian government. Meanwhile, SACE International is regulated by the Eastern Australian government. 

In other words, your pre-university certificate will be administered based on your Australian Matriculation. 

2. Assessment methods 

Surprisingly, AUSMAT and SACE International do not share the same assessment methods. 

AUSMAT assessment is balanced, consisting of 50% coursework; the remaining goes to final examinations.

In contrast, SACE encompasses 70% of coursework and 30% of final examinations. From this distinguished information, you should know your own capabilities, right? 

If you are up for more challenging days as a student, SACE International might be a perfect choice for your pre-university course. However, if you want to focus on a balanced program, then AUSMAT might fit the bill. 

Regardless of the pre-university programs' differences, you also need to know their merit points and similarities. 

Continue reading this guide for more information about AUSMAT and SACE similarities. 

AUSMAT And SACE International Similarities 

1. You can take 5 subjects only.

Yes, you read it correctly. You only need to take 5 subjects only in AUSMAT and SACE International. 

No more than that.

Having 5 subjects during your pre-university days is a true blessing! It might contradict how many subjects you took during high school. 

What's more, you can combine science and art subjects. Just imagine you can choose the subjects depending on your interests and capabilities. 

Therefore, due to different assessment methods, you must choose your subjects wisely to avoid academic stress. 

2. Use ATAR-point system 

This piece of information is very important. Both pre-university programs do not apply a marking-grading system. 

In other words, your grade will be evaluated based on ATAR points. ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and showcases students' position in their age group.  

ATAR points are between 0.00 and 99.95. So, if you get 90% of ATAR points, you are most likely the top student among other students the same age as you. 

3. Education qualification is the same. 

For your information, AUSMAT and SACE International possess the same education qualifications, such as STPM, A-Level, Foundation, and Canadian pre-university. 

Usually, the pre-university program AUSMAT and SACE International may take 10 - 18 months to complete. The duration of study depends on the university. 

After that, you can pursue a higher education, a bachelor's degree at a university. 

4.Grades are not determined by final examinations only. 

Both pre-university programs have coursework and final examinations. Hence, your grade does not rely on the final examinations. 

However, you must be a diligent and hardworking student to maintain good grades for your coursework and final examinations. 

Therefore, you must have good time management skills to balance academic and trivial matters. 

There will be times when you stress due to the assessment workloads. Hence, you must divide your time wisely - when to enjoy and be serious about your education. 

5. You can take AUSMAT or SACE International anywhere! 

Although AUSMAT and SACE International are centralized Australian pre-university courses, it does not necessarily mean you must study in Australia.

These two courses are recognized internationally, such as in the United States, the United Kingdom, and some Asian countries. 

Knowing AUSMAT and SACE International can be taken in other countries surely gives you more freedom to decide your next education journey. 

What Subjects Are Offered For AUSMAT and SACE International? 

If you are wondering about subjects offered for AUSMAT and SACE International programs, below is the list: 

AUSMAT SACE International
English  Accounting
English as an Additional Language  Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Biology Economics
Physics English as an Additional Language 
Mathematics (Applications/ Methods/ Specialist) Legal Studies 
Accouting and Finance  Mathematical Studies
Business Management and Enterprise  Nutrition
Economics Physics
Psychology Psychology
Computer Science  Specialist Mathematics
Food Science & Technology  Research Project

Based on the information about AUSMAT and SACE International given, which one is your choice? 

Whether you choose AUSMAT or SACE International, we wish you all the best! Ensure you have self-discipline and great time management skills to achieve flying color results. 


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