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Exhibiting Design Talents

In December 12 to 18, a group of Graphic Design students from IACT College ran an art exhibition themed as “Wanderland” at Atria Mall, Petaling Jaya.

Under the subject Professional Portfolio Development and Exhibition, students are required to produce the Final Year Project (FYP) with in-depth study and promote the exhibition professionally with high level of independence.

“On top of running an exhibition, it is also a time where their work is shown to the public and open to question and critiquing. They will have to learn to resolve their self-initiated design problem within the scope of their Final Year Project.” Dora Chan, a design lecturer said.

IACT College is known to be one of the first local institutions that implement Project-Based Learning method, where students master the knowledge and skills required for the ever-changing industry via hands-on and industry-linked learning experience.

“By learning to showing their work and interacting with the public and industry critics, our design students demonstrate not only their creative design skillset but also develop the interpersonal soft skills that are important part of their career attributes.” Dora Chan said.

Sam Chuang, one of the final year students demonstrated his outstanding design skill and creativity by turning mahjong, a traditional Chinese game into a modern card game.

“I have always loved to play mahjong, however, my friends find mahjong too troublesome because of its bulky seeds. Since I’m passionate about introducing this game to my generation, I decided to turn it into something that is relevant and convenient to my generation – and card-game!” Sam Chuang explained the origination of the idea.

Jenny Chan and Pris Ho, both design students with strong illustration skill and art direction came out with concept books with stationaries and games exploring the emotional and psychological issues faced the millennials today.

“The response from the public is rather encouraging!” Pris Ho answered. “One lady even wanted to have a copy of my concept book because she finds it helpful for her child. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing that my work can make a difference in someone’s life!”

Jenny Oh said, “I appreciate the opinions from the public! The more I interact with them, the more I discover that there is much room for me to improve my concept and my craft!”

All three students agreed that their time with IACT College has not only given them the design skills they need, but also the confidence about their craft.

“I can see that my students made a very positive attempt in producing good key visuals this round.” Dora Chan said. “They demonstrated strong and engaged effort in the team work that made this showcase a successful one, and we can see that from the positive feedback we received.”

Pris Ho (L), Jenny Chan and Sam Chuang happy with their experience interacting with the public over the design exhibition

The Exhibition took place in Atria Mall, PJ

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