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Why Study in IACT College

Industry Experienced Lecturers

About 83% of lecturers have worked professionally in the industry, with average industry tenure of 12 years. This ensures students get relevant and up-to-date education during their study at IACT College.

Job-Ready Graduates

At IACT, through practical learning methods, students are ensured to be job-ready at graduation. 96% of IACT College graduates are employed in the creative communication industry within 6 months of graduation.

University Partners

IACT College is partnered to over 100 universities globally. Students will be able to access partnered universities within the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Project Based Learning

In order to make learning useful, it must be made practical. At IACT College, this can be seen through Project Based Learning, whereby students immediately apply the theory they learn in projects. These projects are done with multinational and publically listed companies.


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About IACT College

IACT College, formerly known as Institute Advertising Communication Training (IACT) has over 40 years experience in training and education, making IACT the specialist institute in creative communication.

Apart from the specialization of IACT College which is to educate future generation and supply qualified experts in the world of advertising and marketing communication, producing job-ready graduates in the field of Broadcasting, Creative Multimedia and Graphic Design is covered in its repertoire as well.

IACT College assures graduates with qualified proficiency in the field of advertising and communication by real-life projects with various companies and brand owners, vital hands-on training. An opportunity will be offered for students especially during practical work training in organizations such as media, public relations and leading advertising agencies.

IACT is founded and endorsed by the MAA and 4As, which has enabled project based learning (PBL) teaching pedagogy moving towards academic achievements. As a result, IACT College students have won numerous awards in local and international competitions such as the Kancil Awards, L'oreal Brandstorm, AdWave and InterAd making IACT the specialist college in creative communication.

IACT College is the only institution in Malaysia that is endorsed by a Global Advertising Authority, International Advertising Association (IAA), New York. IAA is one of the world’s largest networks of advertisers, agencies and media companies. This opens doors for our graduates to communication and advertising agencies all over the world.


Ranked 3.00


IACT Project Based Learning

What Is Creative Communication?


Convocation 2015

What is Creative Communication?


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