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Australian National University College (ANUC)

Acton, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
  • Ranked 19 QS World University Rankings 2015
  • Ranked 52 THE World University Rankings 2015-2016
  • Ranked 20 QS World University Rankings 2018
Campus setting Suburban
Living cost US$ 792 per month
Student population Large
International students 50%
Institution type Public

About Australian National University College (ANUC)

A foundation centre for Australia's No.1 university (as of 2018) which is also ranked 20th in the world, the Australian National University College is the best place to gain an education in all of the Australian hemisphere, having critically acclaimed research centres, schools and all round academic professionalism dating back to its formal establishment in 1964 (95% rated above world-standards).

As the English language and academic pathway provider for the Australian National University (ANU), ANUC is divided into seven different academic colleges, each a foundation to schools and research centres of specialised diciplines both relevant worldwide and unique to Australia.

  • ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
  • ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
  • ANU College of Business & Economics
  • ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • ANU College of Health & Medicine
  • ANU College of Law
  • ANU College of Science

Additional research areas and units also include:

  • National Centre for Indigenous Studies
  • Gender Institute

92% of ANUC's Foundation students have been offered to continue on to ANU in 2017; and ANU's graduates have the highest rate of employability upon graduation.

Campus information

Located in the capital of Australia, Canberra, ANUC shapes its landscape, having students that make up 25% of the 400,000 population city.

Surrounded by historical monuments of both the natural and man-made kind, exploration is plentiful, ranging from hiking the Black Mountain, to visiting national institutions, parliment, and many more.

The Acton campus of which the ANUC is based in has over 60 buildings and complexes cited as heritage-worthy, and 8 of them have been deemed culturally significant in the Commonwealth's history. It is also notable for being the greenest of all ANU campuses for its park-like landscape with over 10,000 trees.

Its establishment as a world-leading research centre however drives it to maintain only the latest in education facilities, ensuring students are exposed to a healthy mix of traditional and new; and the importance of understanding, preserving and improving everything they come in contact with.


For students under 18:

  • AHN (Australian Homestay Network) homestay family; OR
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) approved relative

For students above 18:

  • accomodation guaranteed in Halls, Colleges, Lodges and other approved living quarters:
    • Bruce Hall (Catered, Undergraduate)
    • Burgmann College (Catered, Undergraduates)
    • Burgmann College Postgraduate Village (Self-catered, Postgraduate)
    • Burton & Garran Hall (Self-catered, Undergraduate)
    • Davey Lodge (Self-catered, Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
    • Fenner Hall (off-campus) (Self-catered, Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
    • Graduate House (Self-catered, Postgraduate)
    • John XXIII College (Catered, Undergraduate)
    • Kinloch Lodge (Self-catered, Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
    • Lena Karmel Lodge (Self-catered, Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
    • Toad Hall (Self-catered, Postgraduate)
    • University House (Semi-catered, Postgraduate)
    • Ursula Hall Laurus Wing (Semi-catered, Postgraduate)
    • Ursula Hall Main WIng (Catered, Undergraduate)
    • Warrumbul Lodge (Self-catered, Undergraduate and Postgraduate)


Courses available 7

Accounting and Finance 1 Applied and Pure Sciences 2 Computer Science and IT 1 English Language 3 Humanities & Social Sciences 4 Law 1



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