University Assignment Help: Dealing With Deadline Pressure

June 08, 2022


Have you submitted your assignments?

This is probably a phrase you hear quite often once you start to attend university. Regardless of what type of student you are - well-prepared or last-minute - assignment deadlines are daunting. 

Female student feeling the deadline pressure.

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Trust us, we were once students too!

These deadlines can add pressure to your studies and academic performance. Stress from all the workload that is not managed well can even disrupt your workflow and daily life.

However, as long as you know how to handle multiple assignments correctly, you can steer away from stress and enjoy the wonderful university experience.

How do you handle assignment deadline pressure?

1. Don’t panic!

Female student panicking over assignment deadline pressure.

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Easier said than done, right? 

When assignments come in relentlessly, your thoughts will be all over the place and you might even miss out some really close deadlines.

When this happens, staying calm is the best way to deal with deadline pressure. Even Forbes says to relax and stay calm!

Take a step back and visualise how you want to approach every task in your hands. Some may need more research, while others can be completed within a day. 

Once you are able to sort out your tasks based on priority, you will see things with a clearer view and hence, approach each assignment with a calm mind.

2. Set your own timeline.

Whiteboard with assignment timeline.

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Make sure to complete your assignments 1 to 2 days before the actual due date so you can proofread and make amendments.

For example: If the due date is on 30 June, start researching and drafting your assignment at least two weeks prior. You should be able to finish the first draft, review, edit and submit your work before the deadline! 

3. Create a checklist.

Notebook for assignment checklist.

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A checklist does wonders to time management and organisation. Plus, the satisfaction of crossing off each completed task feels like an awesome accomplishment!

The key is to break down each task into small, chronological steps. Here’s a template that you can use:

Step 1 - Research and gather materials from credible sources
Step 2 - Read and understand the information you have
Step 3 - Work on your first draft
Step 4 - Review and amend the draft
Step 5 - Upload the draft to an online plagiarism checker
Step 6 - Proofread again (extra effort wouldn’t hurt!)
Step 7 - Submit your assignment

With an organised checklist, you will feel more confident and can keep deadline pressure away!

4. Do your own research.

Hands typing on a laptop for assignment research.

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Besides practicing your research skills, self-learning helps you gain a better understanding of a particular topic especially if what you learn on your own goes beyond what is taught in class. 

This adds value to your assignment because it will look unique, wholesome, and well-researched. 

5. Seek help from others.

Male university students discussing about their assignments.

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Your friends or group mates are the best people to go to because they can relate to you the most.

Being open with the stress you’re dealing with due to assignment deadlines can also help you bond with other students who feel the same. You can then help each other complete the assignment by sharing knowledge. After all, sharing is caring!

You can also speak to a trusted family member or counselor to share about your stress. Chances are, you will receive useful advice from those who have been through the same, or your counselor will share tips to help better manage your stress.

6. Seek guidance from your lecturer. 

University student talking to lecturer about assignment deadline pressure.

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Sometimes, assignment topics can be quite tricky.

To avoid going off topic and starting over from scratch, it is best to seek clarification from your lecturer before you begin your assignment.

But don’t expect everything to be handed to you immediately! Put effort into the discussion by explaining what you understand first before seeking advice.

You can even gain more insight and tips from your lecturer. This will give you a strong head start!

7. Avoid last-minute work. 

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A rushed assignment almost never looks good.

So many things can go south when you submit a last-minute work:

  • Poorly-done research
  • Grammatical errors
  • Lack of understanding of a particular topic
  • Your essay is below/exceeds the word limit
  • Lack of originality
  • And more!

Cramping assignments can result in a lower grade. Hence, it’s best to avoid last-minute work! Tips #2 and #3 can help you balance out your workload.

8. Request for a deadline extension

Male student working on assignment with extended deadline.

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If all else fails and you couldn’t submit your assignment on-time, you should immediately inform your lecturer and request for an extension.

Keep in mind that this must not turn into a habit. You should only do this if you have acceptable reasons behind the delay. Remember to apologise too!

Once your lecturer accepts your request, be sure to be punctual with the new deadline.

There you have it! Follow these 8 steps and we’re sure you’ll ace your assignments, stress-free!

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