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5 Lessons You Learn As A University Student

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff


1. Time is your most valuable resource

Time management is one of the most overlooked skills. People assume that it will just come to you, or that is simply not how your brain works. But, like any other skill, time management is something you have to work on. It is something that you have to develop and hone so that you are at your best. One of the first things you will realize in university is that there are a million things you can do, but you only have time for maybe 5 of them. So, prioritizing and managing your time efficiently are your best friends. Use this time that you have at university wisely: take classes that you are passionate about, join extra-curricular activities that will help your career, participate in events which will help you build a solid network.


2. Maintaining relationships is difficult, but also important

Friends will be your main support at university, especially if you are living on campus. Without your family around, your friends are the people who can be there for you in emergency situations. While it is difficult to juggle classes, activities, studying, personal time by itself, adding friendships and relationships to the list just makes it more difficult. Despite that, it is important to maintain friendships, even if it means making time for each other during exam week, or bringing them their favorite soup when they're sick.


3. Your health is vital

It will do no one any good if you are falling sick in the middle of exam week or fainting during class. Eating healthy and taking care of your body is vital. Eat nutritious, balanced meals a few times a day; stay hydrated; don't binge-drink or smoke to the point where you need medical help. Staying fit is also good for your health. Exercising doesn't have to involve buckets of sweat, heavy weights, and long marathons. Try taking the stairs more, or perhaps walking short distances rather than driving or taking a bus. Not only will your parents be more worried about you living on your own and falling sick, you will be unable to prioritize your coursework.


4. Your grades matter

Ask any fresh graduate–one of the first things a job application or post-graduate program asks for is your transcript. Your grades are an important of getting your foot in the door. Future employers, even for internships, will look at your grades as an indicator of your abilities, and to compare you to other applicants.

..But they only take you so far..

While your grades and numbers can get you an interview or an offer, they only go so far. If you don't interview well, or have a bad day, it might ruin your chances. It is possible to make up for bad grades, but even amazing grades cannot compensate for other skills, such as time management, being a team player, and actually getting your work done.


5. Try out new things. You never know where you'll find your passions.

This is pretty simple, the more you try, the higher the chances are of you finding something you love. University is the perfect time and place for you to explore; you will have more opportunities to try new activities you hadn't even heard and more freedom to explore beyond your major and current passions. Take this opportunity and try out at least two new activities. They will help you grow. It is never a good idea to stay bottled in your current hobbies and interests. You are at university to learn and grow as a person. You can't do that unless you explore.

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