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The Top 10 Highest Paying Degrees in Business

April 16, 2018

EasyUni Staff


1. Entrepreneurship – M.S. or B.S. in Entrepreneurship or MBA in Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurship major prepares students with essential traits of entrepreneur and decision making skills that are critical to the business operations of any organization. Be it your own business or working in the corporate sector, entrepreneurship prepares students to bear the risk of innovating and bringing new products in the market. Courses within an entrepreneurship specialization include: capital management, global business, and product development as well as general business principles like: sales, marketing, finance, public relations, human resources, and accounting. Graduates of entrepreneurship business degree have a chance to become CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in the future with median average salaries of $158,560.



2. E-commerce – M.S. or B.S. in E-commerce, or MBA in E-commerce

Today businesses are remotely conducted by Internet. Digital storefront is the key in today’s business environment. An E-commerce discipline would help student develop complete understanding of conducting online business which goes beyond the conventional approach of buying and selling. Specialization in the domain of E-commerce would equip students with the required skills to eliminate the barriers of traditional brick –and-mortar business setup. E-Commerce degree can expect to find job positions in the fields of Internet marketing, Web advertising, Web application development, e-Commerce sales, e-Commerce consulting and e-Commerce Web administration with an estimated yearly income of $127,870


3. Marketing – M.S. or B.S. in Marketing, or MBA in Marketing

The MSc in Marketing provides graduates with critical insights into marketing, research, brand management, consumer behavior, strategic management, sales and customer services etc. This course provides the opportunity to understand traditional and contemporary marketing philosophies and theories adopted by practitioners, based on contemporary knowledge gained from academic research and industrial practices. MS marketing graduates will be equipped with critical and creative skills, procedural thinking and expertise to formulate and implement marketing strategies with an aim to transform every product or service to a popular brand. Generally, marketing managers earn an annual income of $112,800.



4. Finance – M.S. or B.S. in Finance, or MBA in Finance

Degree in Finance prepares professional students towards skills and techniques to critically analyze the financial assets of a company. The degree is designed for students to pursue career in corporate finance, investment management, managerial accounting, and treasury management and so on. MSF program provides students with a broader understanding of financial market regulations, framework for critical analysis and decision making pertaining to company’s investment patterns as well as risk and returns.

The specialized courses in this degree may include, Investment Banking, Financial Intermediation in Emerging Markets, Treasury Banking, Investment Analysis, Financial Economics, Strategic Financial Management as well as Money ,Banking & Financial Systems. Graduates who usually end up as investment advisor, financial analyst and financial consultants generally earn and annual income of $99,330. However when take further higher positions such as CFO (Chief Financial Officer), the yearly income would be much higher.


5. Human Resource Management – M.S. or B.S. in Human Resources, or MBA in Human Resources

HRM Program mainly equips its professional students with an understanding and knowledge of recruitment, selection, training& motivation, retention of human capital, payroll and compensation. Specialization in this field helps students gain an insight on global leadership, talent acquisition, human resource management technologies and innovation and various other tools that are needed to support an organizational human division. Human resource managers and specialists can potentially earn an annual income of approximately $96,130


6. Economics – M.S. or B.S. in Economics, or MBA in Economics

Specialization in economics enables students to develop understanding of global economic issues, fiscal and monetary policies, demand and supply channels as well as value of sound business decisions through various capabilities of implementing economic efficiencies.

Microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, methods for business analysis, business and economic forecasting, public economics and the economics of taxation, labour economics and labour relations, business regulation and antitrust, history of economic thought, regional and urban economics, and advanced econometric methods are some of the typical most courses that are offered for this degree. Graduates specializing in economics generally earn an annualincome of $83,590.


7. Healthcare Management – M.S. in Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management, or MBA in Healthcare Administration

Specialization in Healthcare Management prepares students to prepare themselves to handle management related tasks in healthcare services and hospitals. The most typical courses offered in this program are Healthcare Policy and regulations, Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Law, Healthcare Risk Management, Healthcare Informatics and also course pertaining to marketing, accounting, research as well as changing environment and methodologies in medical technologies and innovations. Healthcare Management degree holders can definitely take healthcare industry as healthcare administrators, healthcare managers, hospital administrators, or health care consultants with a potential of earning $80,240 annually.


8. Global Business – M.S. in International Business or MBA in International Business

To become part of an MNC work environment, this degree is the right choice. Conducting business across the borders requires dynamic thinking and versatility. Specialization in the field of International Business opens up new horizons for the professional students to discover various international business techniques and procedures.

Global banking & Capital Markets, Emerging Financial Markets, Global Outsourcing Strategy, Multinational Business Management, Advanced Perspectives on Enterprise Systems, Operations for Global Entrepreneurs are some of the common most courses offered in this discipline. Chief executive officers, entrepreneurs, and management analysts are the potential career options for the graduates specializing in Global Business Studies with an annual income of around $73,570


9. Business Administration/Management – MBA

Business Administration lays the basic foundation of business management which enables students to understand broader scope of various business aspects. For the professional students who are seeking a career that includes critical thinking and analysis of business world, generally opt for this degree as it allows them to implement effective strategies in the field of marketing, human resources, finance, and general administration and so on. Accounting, business strategy, economics, finance, human resources, marketing management, production, e-commerce and business ethics are some of the basic courses offered in this degree. Graduates in Business Administration are positioned to work as functional managers and with time are categorized as senior managers. Executive management professionals are able to earn and average income of around $62,900 to $137,020 annually.


10. Accounting – M.S. or B.S. in Accounting, or MBA in Accounting

Degree in Accounting aims towards preparing students to develop necessary skills and techniques to manage corporate budgets, financial records, profit and loss summaries to maximize efficiency and track every number record. Business majors who earn an accounting degree often go to work as staff accountant, public accountant, tax accountant, financial analyst, business analyst, compliance pro, financial reporting manager and controller ,chief financial officers, or partner. The curriculum includes financial and managerial accounting, taxation, business law and ethics, auditing and accounting information systems. It also includes basic business courses in finance, marketing, organizational behavior and other business functions. Accountants are able to earn a yearly income of $45,900 to $78,210

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