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Salary outlay in New Zealand

December 23, 2019

EasyUni Staff

On the other hand many companies in New Zealand offer more non-monetary benefits to their employees when compared with businesses in other countries. Company cars, company telephones, paid meals or fitness centre registrations are all often included in remuneration packages. Paid annual leave, however, may be slightly less than is common in the UK, with the average being 20 days per year. Another important point to note is that salaries are negotiable, to an extent, and most businesses do not advertise remuneration packages in job advertisements, so it will help to do your research beforehand to get an idea of what you should expect, or what you think you are worth.

Fresh Graduates Estimated Salaries

Amount in NZD($)

Business Services




Hospitality and tourism




Human resource and recruitment






Advertising Art and Media


This table shows you roughly, how much a fresh graduate can achieve by working in any one of these positions.  But the salary might also vary depending on the company .In New Zealand graduates can aim for a higher salary because they know that their skills will be valued and they will be paid fairly.

If students can adapt the professional skills they will be open to all job opportunities and they can apply and have such a wide range of options for their future, with well-paid salaries.

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