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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Blue Skies Ahead as Taylor's Widens Its Existing Links with St Cloud State University

30 Oct 2015

It was two-years ago that we signed an initial MoU with St Cloud State University (SCSU) to facilitate the transfer of our Taylor's American Degree Program (ADP) to complete the their studies in the USA. Following the launch of the Taylor's Global Strategic Plan in 2015, our aim has been to both broaden and deepen the many existing international relationships we have. SCSU is also committed to widen its range of international opportunities, with President Potter noting that they have students from more that 80-countries on their campus and that their existing "education-abroad programs offer exhilarating, life-altering experiences" which they plan to expand. As a valued-partner, President Potter from SCSU was pleased to return from Minnesota to the Taylor's Lakeside campus to sign another agreement – one that would now facilitate semester exchange opportunities for Taylor's University students to go to the USA, and also for SCSU students to come to Malaysia. Since we signed that first agreement various links have already started to form. Last year six students from ADP transferred to SCSU to complete the final 2-years of their studies, and Dr. Andy, Dean of ADP, also visited the SCSU campus. Furthermore, we have been hosting an American intern from SCSU at the Taylor's Lakeside campus. Prof. Perry Hobson, the PVC for Global Engagement at Taylor's University said "We not only see signing this additional agreement as an opportunities to expand our student exchange network in the USA, but also to develop other linkages built around scholarship and research". To learn more about the Global Mobility Opportunities at Taylor's University, please visit the official website.

Prof. Hassan Said, President of Taylor's University (4th from right) and President Potter of SCSU (2nd from right)
signed the MoU with senior colleagues from both universities present.

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