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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

New Student Mobility Opportunities within ASEAN – Rangsit University, Thailand

12 Aug 2015

As part of our goal to be able to offer every student an international experience as part of their studies at Taylor's University, we are rapidly expanding our network of international partner institutions. While we have had a long history of linkages with UK, US and Australian universities, we are now widening our links and relationship with universities within the ASEAN region. One of our potential partners is Rangsit University in Thailand. To further the exchange opportunities, Ms. Angela Pok, Vice-President of Student Experience, recently hosted Ms. Supattana Nirukkanaporn who is the Director of International Affairs at Rangsit University. Rangsit University has a strong commitment to internationalisation. The focus of the discussions with Ms Jayvien Lau, the Head of our Global Mobility Office, was on exploring additional possibilities for short-term student mobility between the two universities. Rangsit University has also been pioneering virtual exchanges with its Global Classroom - Virtual Exchange initiative. For more details about Global Mobility opportunities at Taylor's University, please visit Taylor's official website.

Ms. Angela Pok with Ms. Supattana Nirukkanaporn.

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