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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Mahidol University Students Learn to SHINE at Taylor’s

29 Jul 2015

Given the Taylor's Education Group (TEG) strong commitment to holistic development, Taylor’s University introduced the SHINE Award in 2014. Participation in SHINE leads to a second transcript, which is an achievement record that formally recognises and rewards all students who wish to reach their full potential by taking part in a diverse range of extra-curricular activities both on and off-campus. A group of thirteen of SHINE students, along with the Taylor’s University Life Skills Development team, recently hosted a group of visiting pharmacy students from Mahidol University (Thailand). The aim of the event was to showcase aspects of Malaysian culture. The SHINE students introduced the Thai students to Malaysian traditional games and art including congkak, kolam, Chinese calligraphy, lantern-making and anyaman. Representatives from the Taylor's student body-TRADISI, along with some SHINE students, taught the visitors Zapin – which is a traditional Malay dance. Selina Lim (one of our SHINE students) captured and summarized the students’ experiences on YouTube. For more information about the SHINE Award and also the LP4 Global Engagement component please visit Taylor's official website.

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