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German-Malaysian Institute

Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

The GMI Graduates Stories - From Zero To Hero

23 May 2016

Kajang, 10th February 2016 - An Individual’s achievement is measured by the his/her personal value in life but not by their valuable assets or luxurious automobile collections. On the 50th Anniversary of MARA, GMI has marked its 25th year of the Anniversary. To spice things up, let us share the success stories of the five students and celebrate their achievements together. 

  1. Mohd Azrul Mohd Hassan, 31 years old. Graduate Diploma in Tools & Die (2006)

    The experience of youth born in the state of “Jelapang Padi” (Kedah). He began his career at PROTON R&D as a Design Engineer before expanding his wings overseas. Currently he resides in Dubai, UAE. He would love to share his experience as gratitude to GMI and MARA which made his life graduated to a whole new level. 

    Employed as the Mechanical Design Engineer at Premier Composite Technologies (PCT), he explains that based on his experience in PROTON, he was offered a job in Dubai through a corporate company which produces Military and Defense Vehicles. There, he is involved in designing and producing fourwheel drive (4x4) and six- wheel drive (6x6) hence, gained an opportunity to attend the International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.

    However, Azrul received an offer from his current company PCT in less than two years. Being promoted to Mechanical Design Engineer, he was given a responsibility in constructing a four-phase expansion in Masjid Haram at Mecca, which involves him to design produce and assemble.

    Azrul, the son of a fishmonger at “Pekan Sehari” in Alor Setar Kedah, is very grateful to his parents for giving him the inspiration and motivation to advance his education to GMI right after SPM. According to him, his father wanted him to study at GMI because he sees his son’s bright future in the workforce department. He quoted that “One day, he will return to Malaysia to apply the entrepreneurial knowledge that he gained during the three years of study at GMI and become a businessman like his father.


  2. Adzima Binti Mohamed Ghazi, 29 years old. Diploma Graduate in Product Design & Manufacturing (2010)

    This lovely lady has been going through a long journey compared to her friends of the same age and she began her education in certification in Mechanical Engineering (Drawing and Designing) from the Institut Kemahiran Mara Besut, Terengganu before joining GMI. She then continued her studies to diploma in the same course. Currently, Adzima is employed as a LEGO Model Builder since 2012 at Merlin Entertainments Studio (M) Sdn. Bhd, a company that operates theme parks all over the world and holds the branding for the theme park called Legoland. Her responsibilities include producing LEGO prototypes for new products and upgrading LEGO Models in the theme park and Legoland hotels all over the world including Malaysia, Japan and Dubai

    The knowledge and skills that she gained from GMI such as Auto Cad, sketching technique, CAD Modelling, Innovation and creativity, as well as communication are very useful in her current career. It has also helped her to think critically and creatively in her work. Besides, Adzima is able to speak in German fluently, giving her an advantage in communicating with her leader from Germany. “MARA supported me throughout my education journey to realize my dreams to become a LEGO designer”. Thank you MARA, Thank you GMI! Nowadays, I enjoy playing LEGO.


  3. Elifazlin Fattah, 36 years old. Diploma Graduate in Mechatronics (2000)


    Elifazlin Fattah is a Mechanical Engineering at Petronas Gas Berhad in Pahang. She came from MRSM Muar and chose to pursue her education at GMI in the Diploma in Mechatronics course. She successfully got exceptional resutls in every semester and she has been offered to advance her degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Surrey, United Kingdom under the sponsorship of MARA.

    The secrets of Elifazlin’s success are her determination and the knowledge she gained from her education life have been applied adequately. As Elifazlin quoted that “The engineering world is suitable for women because a female’s natural personality which is keen on details and in the engineering world this attitude is important to verify the products or the services are safe and perfect for the people to utilize. Same goes to our life, the young generation should be more prepared and at the same time they should know their destination because early preparation helps to keep our life motivated and organized”.

  4. Azizullah Bin Mohd Rapini, 38 years old. Diploma in Instrumentation & Control (2000)

    ‘When there is a will, there is a way’. This proverb pictures the determination of Azizullah Bin Mohd Rapini, 38, paves a brighter future for himself and his family. He came from a family that emphasizes on religion. In the beginning it was quite difficult to persuade his parents to pursue his studies in engineering. However, he risked himself to try something new, and successfully persuaded his parents about the opportunities that the students have skills in the industry. His deep passion made his ambition achievable.

    Even though he obtained a below average results in SPM, that did not break his spirit, instead, it gave him the support to search for other alternatives to advance to the higher level education. Due to that, he got an opportunity to study at Institut Kemahiran MARA Beseri and he successfully obtained the Sijil Kemahiran Tahap 3, which was a key for him to advance his diploma at GMI.

    “GMI is an institution that became the attraction of the IKM students to continue to diploma level where we are more attracted with the way of studying practical using the German method.” After obtaining Diploma in Instrumentation and Control (currently known as Diploma in Engineering Technology Process Instrumentation and Control) in 2002, he was offered to be employed at a multinational company called Yaskawa Electric (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. This company became a stepping stone or beginning of his career life.

    After 5 years of employment at that company, Azrizulla had an idea and thought of expanding his strength and knowledge that he learned by building his own empire. With his confidence, NS ARIES SDN BHD was formed in the year of 2009 with the support of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA). Currently, his company is based in the northern peninsula; supplying machines and robotic products. His company has now expanded and conquered the market in Sungai Petani, Gurun and Penang. His next target is to widen his business empire by opening a branch in Selangor.


  5. Azlan Ibrahim, 38 years old. Graduate of Diploma in Mechatronic (2000)

    No one expected Azlan who began his education at a certification level, is currently employed as an Associate Engineer at a multinational company called FELDA Palm Industries Sdn Bhd and Procter & Gamble which is FPG Oliochemical Sdn Bhd in Pahang. He was offered a scholarship from his practical company called Elektrisola (M) Sdn Bhd, to advance his studies to part-time diploma in GMI, However, he rejected the offer because he wanted to focus on this full time studies  instead. After he successfully finished his certification, he was determined to continue his education at GMI in Mechatronic course.

    “ I’m impressed with the foundation training provided by GMI, it was really helpful for me in sharpening my knowledge and talents. Even, during my study session, I feel like I’m in a top-notch industry and getting the guidance from the experienced lecturer”. He quoted whenever people asked about the education life at GMI. “Numerous number of experiences that I obtained at GMI, one of them is completing final year project with my teammates by visiting the established industries without any hesitation and observing how the producing or processing is being deployed. This final year project experience was one of the unforgettable experience. We worked together to produce the best for our final year project.”

    These are the stories of our five GMI graduates who were molded by the support of MARA in guiding our children. There are endless of success records that have became a real honor to MARA for 50 years. These five youth testimonies are just a small part of us but it is massive for them and their families. They believe that “The beginning of the journey doesn’t matter, where it ends does matter”.

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