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About DISTED College, George Town, Malaysia (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

DISTED College has been established since 1987 and today offers a good mix of foundation, diploma and degree programmes in two very centrally located heritage campuses.

A premier non-profit college in Penang owned by the Wawasan Education Foundation, DISTED is committed to providing education and training to young students to serve the needs of industry and community.

It thrives on the confidence of the community and the strengths of its programmes, staff and student care.

The college offers an environment that gives young school leavers safe and great opportunities to live and learn a life of adventure, creativity, independence and leadership as well as to thrive and achieve significance in knowledge for the service of mankind.

Students are able to enjoy a wide variety of social, cultural, entertainment and sporting activities that will contribute to a great on-campus and well-rounded learning experience.

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