Master of Technology Management

Course overview

Qualification Master's Degree
Study mode Full-time
Duration 2 years
Intakes January, June, 2009
Tuition (Local students) $ 7,811
Tuition (International students) $ 8,818


Students will have the opportunity to understand and appreciate the combination of technology with management. Furthermore, they will be given a platform to produce capable managers who can effectively manage the dynamic changes that technology makes at all levels. Students will be exposed to build on their understanding of the needs for a management in decision-making. By the end of this course, it is hoped that students would have an overall appreciation of the manner in which an organisation's  strategic business plan drives its technology strategy and infrastructure.





$ 7,811
Local students
$ 8,818
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


$ 35
Local students
$ 167
Foreign students

Student Visa

$ 575
Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent as acceptable by the Senate


Core Modules

  • Managing Creativity and Innovation
  • Knowledge Management
  • New Product Development & Innovation
  • Statistical Decision Making
  • Dissertation
  • Research Methodology
  • Technology Management
  • Technology, Culture, and People: A Global Perspective
  • Entrepreneurship

Elective Modules (Choose 2)

  • Integrated System Management OR Data Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management OR Marketing and Sustainability in the Age of Globalisation

Elective modules may be pre-selected for students at the beginning of the semester. If students wish to change these pre-selected elective modules, they can choose from the available modules offered in the semester OR among the intensive delivery modules - however, such changes may prolong the study duration.


Students are encouraged to complete industry-based major projects / dissertations where possible, however, the emphasis must be placed on an effective demonstration of how the application of computer-related technology can be part of the business environment. It is expected that the project would devise, recommend or implement innovative solutions to the problem areas.

Maximum 6 courses for comparison!