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By EasyUni Staff | Last modified 11 Nov 2017
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Whether you want to excel at work or just adopt a new hobby, learning new skills can actually help you with your goals . You may find yourself in a whole new world of possibilities by honing other skills.

Here are some websites offering short courses and lessons available for free. It can get pretty addicting attending these courses - don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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ALISON, the first Massive Open Online Course (MOCC) provider is a treasure trove of 100% free standards-based courses to help improve the users’ foundation in their careers. The platform includes more than 750 certified courses ranging from customer service to psychology.

Want to be a social media marketer? You’re in luck as ALISON allows users to get a diploma in social media marketing by teaching them to navigate the world of social media in individualized courses on using Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. And it just doesn’t stop there, comb through hundreds of courses - you’ll surely find one you need.

Hold Up! A college certificate or diploma is not similar to any course in ALISON, so do not skip college! 



Feel like learning something new or enhancing your skills? Coursera offers online courses from top tertiary educational institutions, including Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University and Duke University.

Even though some of the officially graded assignments and certificates require a fee, you can still learn from lectures and non-graded materials without a single penny.



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Visual learners, what are you waiting for? You can access thousands of video-heavy online courses on Skillshare. These courses are normally developed by professionals who share their expertise, experience and enthusiasm in their respective career fields.

As the registration is free, don’t hesitate to sign up and you will be able to access to more than 350 free classes, meet like minded individuals in the the community,  as well as Skillshare mobile app.



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Want to work as a part time web designer? Interested in developing your very own app? If you took another course in college but still want to try your luck in web design and coding ,there is Codecademy to the rescue! An interactive online educational platform, it  emphasises on teaching students how to code!

This site offers a broad range of courses for users who are keen to start with basic HTML or move up to CSS besides having freelancers selling their unique skills over the web to educate the learners. 



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Worried of language barriers when you travel around the world? Why don’t you learn a new language? Duolingo can help you with that! This online language portal  gives you an opportunity to acquire and master basic Spanish, French, German and other languages.

According to a research done by the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina, Duolingo was found to be more effective than a university course, as 34 hours on Duolingo equates to a full semester language course at a university.

Here’s another site to help you, Memrise- Use flashcards to learn vocabulary on this free website. 


The Culinary Cook

From cooking soup to rice, simple baking to complex culinary skills, The Culinary Cook provides step-by-step recipes and other useful cooking tips such as choosing good cookware to chef wannabes.

In addition to answering all your questions related to cooking, learners will also know how to whip up dishes like a professional chef. They will be exposed to different cuisines and culinary arts by The Culinary Cook.



Checkmate! You can learn how to dominate your opponents rapidly in a chess game through Chesscademy. This online chess class enhances your thinking and logical skills  by watching videos of chess masters and solve interactive puzzles.

Let your chess journey begins here and become the next grandmaster!



Do you want to be the Mozart? Pianu can help you with that. Improve  your piano skills by clicking, tapping, typing. You can even connect a piano keyboard to Pianu to indulge yourself in the beautiful melody.

Furthermore, This interactive online piano course offers lessons teaching you the language of music (chords).



Art is a very subjective thing. Don’t feel sad if no one appreciates your drawing - art is not just for artist.You can increase your mental sharpness, creativity and observation skills via DrawSpace. It provides up to 450 lessons and is used by millions of people in colleges around the world.

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Posted on 09 Oct 2017
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