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6 Reasons To Do A Master's Degree

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

We have already talked about who should not go to graduate school. Below, we discuss 6 ways pursuing a master's degree will benefit you and your career.


1. Intellectual Growth

This may seem obvious to you, but many students forget (or chose to ignore) that at the end of the day, graduate school is about the academics. You will be taught with professors who are established in your field and specialize in areas that you aspire to learn. A master's degree often involves research. This will help you develop intellectually and also be more knowledgeable in your field.

2. Increased Job Prospects

Other than the academic gains, the increased job prospects are one of the best reasons to pursue a master's. A master's degree is a step to becoming an expert in your field. It's a lifelong achievement you will have. This opens the door to more jobs which might require master's degree. Some positions in the industry you are currently in, will also open up to you. A master's degree makes you qualified for higher level positions, maybe even on the same career path that you're already on.


3. Increased Mobility

With a master's degree, you are going to be intensively studying a subject. Did you know that this can increase your mobility in terms of your job? This is the ideal time for you to ask yourself if you are happy with the field or industry you are currently in. If you are considering a career change, a master's degree might be your ticket to a new role. You can move into another field or industry based on what you study; for example engineering students working in a technical role who wish to switch to a management or marketing position should consider getting an MBA. An MBA, combined with the technical work experience, will make them ideal candidates for a management track. Similarly, a master's can help you specialize within your field; for example, if you are a law student practicing in general law and you wish to switch to the mining industry, a master's focused on mineral and mining law will help you qualify for that transition.

4. Networking

The people you meet in graduate school are much more likely to rise to the top and become powerful leaders and influencers of tomorrow, just like you. Graduate school is a great place to network with them because it is a casual setting. You will often be in the same groups for projects or maybe neighbors in the residences. This gives you ample opportunities for networking and building up your contacts. Often, the connections you build in graduate school may help you on your own journey to your dream job.


5. A Break From The Real World

As a graduate student, you are still counted as a student in many ways. This means that you get to re-live the life of a student if you wish to. Graduate students often have special residences for them, they have access to all campus facilities, they go to class, write assignments, complain about exams, and slack off. If you miss this and want a break from your day job, or if you just finished your bachelor's and aren't ready to let go yet, graduate school is the cure for you. And for those of you who are cynical and think this isn't a good enough reason, graduate school allows you the space and time for personal growth so that you can go back into the workforce more prepared.

6. Higher Pay

While there are non-financial benefits of a master's degree, it's undeniable that with a degree that makes you more capable and knowledgeable, you will get a nice salary bump. An MBA graduate makes more than someone with a BBA. In addition, having a master's degree also increases your chances of promotion and decreases the time it takes to get that promotion, leading to higher pay, faster.


So, there you have it, 6 reasons to get a master's degree. If you have another reason to pursue a master's degree or you're still unsure that you should pursue one, tell us why!

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