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Penang Medical College

George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Campus setting Urban
Living cost US$ 240 per month
Student population Small (1,000 or less)
International students 2%
Institution type Private

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About Penang Medical College

Penang Medical College, wholly-owned by the RCSI and UCD has been providing the highest quality medical education to internationally recognised standards since 1996. 2016 marks their 20th Anniversary.

The first graduation ceremony took place in 2001. Since then, over a thousand doctors have graduated from PMC joining a global community of world-class doctors. PMC graduates have taken up senior positions in countries as diverse as Malaysia, Ireland, Australia, the United States, Brunei, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. A report by the Institute for Health Systems Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, House Officer Performance in Malaysia 2009-2011, placed PMC among the top medical schools in preparing their graduate doctors for their early careers.

Campus information

Facilities around the campus:

  • Library
  • Surau
  • Student study areas
  • Sick bay
  • Recreational area
  • Gym and games

The Penang Medical College (PMC) campus is centrally located close to the heart of George Town and within a five-minute walk of Penang Hospital, where most of the clinical teaching takes place.

Located at the Sepoy Lines grounds, a four-storey academic complex houses the modern facilities essential for training medical professionals. It includes a 200-seat lecture theatre, multimedia room, video conferencing facilities, research laboratory, student study areas, cafeteria and surau.

The PMC Clinical Skills and Education Centre in Seberang Jaya was launched in 2015 and is located next to the Seberang Jaya Hospital. The Centre hosts additional facilities for students including clinical skills laboratories, seminar rooms, a student area, Multimedia and Resource Centre. To further facilitate students’ on-call practical training, the new centre also provides student accommodation which will reduce travel and ensure optimal use of time.

Life in Penang is uniquely cosmopolitan with many nationalities opting to work, live and retire there. The locals are multi-ethnic, and you will see evidence of diversity living harmoniously together in their friendliness. Penang is a vibrant city which offers a modern lifestyle, alongside tradition and old world charm. This tradition is evident in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site within Georgetown. Penang also has beautiful beaches, parks and hills perfect for enjoying nature and outdoor sports.

Penang is also renowned as Malaysia’s culinary capital. From exotic local street food to elegant fine dining, its local cuisine is a perfect example of cultures combining to produce a dazzling combination of tastes and flavours.

Whatever your passion may be, you will find enough of it in Penang to keep you busy.

Ireland is a small, beautiful island, combining contemporary modern cities with an un-spoilt countryside, offering a warm welcome to students from all over the world. Situated at the edge of Europe, Ireland experiences a temperate climate and rarely experiences extremes of temperature. Ireland has a worldwide reputation for high-quality education built on a long history of academic excellence.


There are numerous furnished apartments and houses in the vicinity of PMC from which students can choose.

Most of the rented accommodation is located near bus stops and eateries. Penang Medical College's support team will assist students who need rented accommodation by providing names and contact details of reputable providers. The team will also be able to advise you with regard to choosing the best location and property type.

Why Choose Penang Medical College

An Internationally Recognised Programme

Eexperience a a combination of a world-class education in Ireland, with a dynamic and innovative clinical curriculum in Penang, Malaysia.

Global Qualification

Graduates are awarded medical degrees of the National University of Ireland and Licentiates of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

An Exceptional Clinical Curriculum in Penang

Delivered by an expert clinical faculty, which includes more than 35 professors and lecturers in various fields of medicine.

Unforgettable Student Experience

Access to more than 130 student societies, including the Malaysian Medical Society as well as debating, film, theatre, art and culture societies.

Courses available 5

Computer Science and IT 1 Engineering 1 Health and Medicine 5



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