Architecture, Building and Planning

Courses regarding architecture are extremely rival, where practical training takes place a lot, preparing students to reach to their fullest potential.
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In a career where you are able to use your creativity, it is no wonder Architecture is one of the most promising as well as popular jobs today. And with today’s rapid growth in technology, this career is becoming a choice for many students who have enthusiasm for both the sciences and the arts.. The employment growth for architects will increase with 7% between 2014 and 2024. That’s good news for those who aspire to create homes and structures for the humans! 

So, have you got a sense of creativity and a perfect eye to detail? Do tall buildings excite you and has it always been your dream to design one yourself? Then keep reading because this might interest you a lot!

Why Should You Study Architecture?

First of all you gain a lot of skills and knowledge. The more you learn about it, the exciting it gets. This study is not just to learn how to build a house, an apartment or a bridge. It’s so much more than that. You learn how to use technical devices and applications to create a building in 3D and designing buildings in different forms and spaces. As you can see, today’s architecture is not just a rectangular building with 30 floors. Your research skills will also increase dramatically. How did Antoni Gaudí design the Sagrada Familía? What techniques did he use? How come the Tower of Pisa is not falling down? Not only research is important in this case but also history! You don’t want to build another Louvre by accident, right?

What Are the Skills You Need?

Skills You Need

You are going to develop a few important skills while taking up this degree. You might already have some of these, and if you don’t, you surely will.   

  • Creativity

A fundamental and most exiting part of architecture is designing and drawing. You will be drawing by using traditional methods such as a sketchbook and pencil. The designing part will be happening in a studio. Techniques, skills, practices of structures will be developed here. This can be both practiced individually as collaboratively. 

  • Analytical skills

This is the ability to solve a problem in the most logical way.

  • Team work

You will have the ability to work in an organisational way and be part of a team.

  • Communication skills

This contains both written and verbal communication.

  • Technical skills

A very important one! IT skills are mandatory in architecture.

What Jobs Can You Get With an Architecture Degree?

Landscape Architect

This job is divided into five different areas of practice: urban design, landscape management, landscape planning, landscape design and landscape science. Landscape architects work closely with town planners and developments surveyors. These type of architects create and manage the landscape we live in.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers make sure that buildings do not collapse and remain stable and secure; that they don’t deflect and that the buildings are fit for purpose. As a structural engineer, you have a lot of responsibilities. If you are not good at drawing and designing, this job is the perfect fit for you because this is all about math and physics.

Higher Education Lecturers

HE lecturers are teachers who work in universities and in education colleges. The methods consist of tutorials, practical demonstrations, field work and e-learning. You can also work as one of the mentioned jobs and then become a lecturer later to teach students how it actually is in the work field. It’s all up to you.

Interior Designers

There are different types of interior designers; healthcare designers, sustainable designers, universal designers, kitchen and bath designers, and corporate designers. The skills you need to have to become an interior designer are basically the same skills you need for an architecture of buildings and other structures.

Set Designer

You will be designing certain sets for TV shows or movies. Not only the interior is important here, but also the location, cameras and you would not guess it, but even the costumes can be part of this job too.

What is the Expected Salary?

Below you will find the expected salary of four types of architects.

expected salary of four types of architects

(Source: payscale)


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