3 years
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
Foreign students
USD 12,682
GBP 9,000
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About this course

This programme will support participants located within early childhood in applying their skills to aspects of quality enhancement in staff or in settings.

This course is designed for the following groups: 
Practice Mentor Tutors supporting work-based learning and professional development of Foundation Degree students 
Mentor teachers supporting Foundation Stage Provision in Early Years Settings 
Development Officers supporting quality provision in the Early Years 
NQT Mentors providing a monitoring role for the professional development of staff or another Mentor Tutor role in the early years

The course will enable you to: 
Reveal understanding of knowledge relating to supporting professional development, leading to critical insights which are at the forefront of mentoring within professional practice 
Apply knowledge relating to supporting professional development in the wider professional context 
Critically reflect on applications and/or practice in relation to a chosen topic in order to further le