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Taylor’s University

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Walking The Talk – Head of Student Mobility Hits the Road

30 Oct 2015

Jayvien Lau, the Head of the Taylor's Global Mobility Office (GMO), recently went to the UK on a short-term mobility experience as part of her MBA studies at Taylor's University. The week long study-tour was organised on behalf of the Taylor's Business School (TBS) by The Eurasia Consortium, and was based at Mansfield College at The University of Oxford (UK). Titled the Taylor’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme, the itinerary included presentations, seminars and site-visits to various companies such as BMW-Mini and Lloyd’s of London. It also included first-hand insights into new forms of financing such as "crowd-funding". Reflecting on her mobility experience, Jayvien observed that "participation in such internationalisation activities definitely broaden one’s mind and the paradigms we have on our cultural and intellectual understanding of world issues". She also noted that this experience "will have a life-long impact on her perspective of knowledge acquisition" and pointed out she was particularly impressed by the education model adopted by both The University of Oxford and Cambridge University (i.e. the tutorial system). She now feels more strongly than ever that every student should take up at least one of the available opportunities at Taylor’s University to go abroad - be it for a one semester exchange, a short term mobility experience or a SHINE experience. She commented that there are much to be gained from travelling, but students should go, "for no other reason than it enhances the value of learning and helps a person to see things from more than one perspective".Given her job, Jayvien is working on a daily basis with our overseas partner universities and encouraging students to study-abroad; but she felt that it was really good experience to have been on the 'other side of the desk' and to see the study-abroad experience from that of a student. For more information about Global Mobility Office and the available international experiences click here.

Jayvien Lau visited Blenheim Palace (built between 1705 - 1722). Situated outside Oxford,
it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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