Master of Arts in Creative Arts and Media

Course overview

Qualification Master's Degree
Study mode Full-time, Part-time
Duration 2 years
Intakes January, July
Tuition (Local students) $ 9,970
Tuition (Foreign students) $ 10,815


The Master of Arts in Creative Arts and Media provides students with an opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research and contribute new understanding and insights to disciplines aligned with the School of Arts.

Programme Key Points

  • The programme offers students the opportunity to develop their work through artistic or academic forms. 
  • The programme welcomes historical, theoretical or philosophical approaches along with analytical interpretative inquiry into the works and practices of the creative arts and media.





$ 9,970
Local students
$ 10,815
Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


$ 32
Local students
$ 149
Foreign students

Student Visa

$ 512
Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in the relevant field with minimum CGPA of 2.75, OR
  • A Bachelor's degree in the relevant field with CGPA between 2.50 and 2.75 can be accepted subject to a rigorous internal assessment; OR
  • An APEL.A Certificate (APEL T-7) (Recognition of Prior Learning) (Click on this link for further information on APEL.A)
  • A Bachelor's degree in the relevant field with CGPA of less than 2.50 can be accepted subject to having a minimum of 5 years working experience in a relevant field; AND
  • Interview: Candidates are to pass an interview conducted by a panel from the School of Arts. This is to assess the candidate’s communication abilities and interest in research.



The student is required to complete one taught module – Research Methods – before proceeding to the Proposal Defence. This core module introduces students to the fundamentals of academic research and methodologies at the postgraduate level to conduct an independent research project. 

Class Schedule for Research Methods

This is an intensive course. Classes are spread over eight weeks (12 to 15 hours per week) for Full-time or Part-time students. These classes are followed by tutorials when the students conduct their research projects. Weekly schedules may vary from one year to another.


During the course of their studies, the students will independently design and carry out an extensive research project with the assistance of the supervisor. The emphasis between theory and practice will vary according to the project. Students will develop significant research outcomes that are of national and international significance, and publicly disseminate these results to engage with the scholarly community. 

Areas of Research

The school has a broad range of supervision expertise (not limited) to the following areas:

Digital Worlds and Media

Digital Humanities, VR, Digital Content Creation, Media Studies, Broadcasting, Social Media, New Media Creation.

Culture and Heritage

History of Cultures and Art, Crafts, Material Cultures, Music Traditions and Popular Music, Gender Studies, Southeast Asian Films, Sustainable Cultures, Eastern and Western Cultures.

Performance and Creation

Music and Theatre Performance, Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Fine Art.


History of the City and Urbanisation, Architecture, Cities in the South and Southeast Region, Cities in the West, Liveable Cities, Green Cities, Smart Cities, Touristic Cities. 

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